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By Padraic Angelone, Contributing Writer

Over 4,210 students, almost half of the UMassDartmouth student body, utilize Health Services. Located over by Pine Dale. It acts as the doctor’s office on campus.

Sheila M. Dorgan, director of health services, places great pride in providing students with access to quality healthcare.

“This isn’t your high-school school nurse’s office, health services functions as a doctor’s office. Our staff consists of Massachusetts Board Certified Medical Professionals.”

Rather than having to miss class and drive to their personal doctor, students can come in for checkups, blood draws, medication, screenings, testing and sexual health counseling.

Paul Hamlet, a senior, visits health services when he feels under the weather.

“Instead of visiting my doctor who is a few hours away, I visit Health Services. I receive the same professional care without the hassle.”

Coordinating with pharmacies and doctors, Health Services even offers vaccinations, flu shots and cold medicines.

“We want to prevent outbreaks of the flu and other colds,” said Dorgan. “We also treat students who have severe injuries or medical conditions which require constant monitoring.”

Students who are post-op or who have broken a bone often come in to have their dressings changed or when they’re feeling discomfort in the affected site.

Dorgan enthusiastically lists the other services provided by Health Services.

“Women’s health care is a priority here at Health Services, as is testing and raising awareness for sexually transmitted diseases. Any student can setup a private confidential appointment to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases or inquire about contraceptive methods through their my-portal page on”

In addition to the wealth of knowledge and experience provided by the staff, Health Services work with another department on campus.

Health Services works with the Live Well Office on campus to educate students on the dangers of using alcohol and drugs in addition to raising awareness for safe sex and mental health wellness.

“Live Well is the health education arm of Health Services,” said Beth-Anne Guthrie, the director of Live Well and Assistant Director of Health Services. “When Health Services has a patient who requires an educational lesson on mental health or steps towards safer sex, then they are referred to us or the counseling department.”

Guthrie and Dorgan both take great pride and passion in providing the campus with access to exceptional professional medical care.

“Caring for the community and our students is our prerogative,” said Dorgan.

Students will not be turned away if they do not have health insurance, but students may not know that there is also a health insurance option built into tuition.

“Campus health insurance offers Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Mass Rehab as options for coverage. Students have the option for campus insurance in their tuition, students who cannot access coverage will not be turned away,” Dorgan said.

Health Services is open Monday-Friday 9-5 p.m. Students can schedule appointments by dropping in or scheduling an appointment by accessing their my-portal Health Services from myCourses.


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