Shake the Ship Fall 2017

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer On Tuesday, November 7, Student Government Association held its annual Shake the Ship forum. This is an opportunity for students to voice opinions and ask questions to a panel of administrative leadership from departments across campus including Public Safety, Dining, and Student Affairs. As the event was hosted by SGA, the forum was moderated by SGA Secretary Tyler Varda. One … Continue reading Shake the Ship Fall 2017

Special screening of Mooz-lum with director Qasim Basir

By Alex Kerravala, Staff Writer On Thursday, November 9, the Frederick Douglass Screening House was generous enough to sponsor a screening of the independent film Mooz-lum, a full length film by Qasim Basir, with the writer and director present, sharing Basir’s story and answering questions. Basir is an American Muslim filmmaker who has been in filmmaking since 2002, and released Mooz-lum in 2010. Mooz-lum is, … Continue reading Special screening of Mooz-lum with director Qasim Basir

Friendly professional medical help

By Padraic Angelone, Contributing Writer Over 4,210 students, almost half of the UMassDartmouth student body, utilize Health Services. Located over by Pine Dale. It acts as the doctor’s office on campus. Sheila M. Dorgan, director of health services, places great pride in providing students with access to quality healthcare. “This isn’t your high-school school nurse’s office, health services functions as a doctor’s office. Our staff … Continue reading Friendly professional medical help

Trump’s Twitter died: a 2017 horror story

By Zack Downing, Staff Writer In a move equivalent to duct taping his mouth shut, a Twitter employee took down President Trump’s Twitter on Thursday the 2nd, before it was reactivated 11 minutes later. It was later revealed that the employee was finishing up his last day with the company, and decided to go out with the biggest bang that he could. Trump’s staff panicked … Continue reading Trump’s Twitter died: a 2017 horror story

The effects of accents on an undergraduate education

By Jonathan Perreira, Staff Writer One of the easiest subjects for students to discuss is a bad professor. But, one of the struggles students have, even with good professors is difficulties with language gaps. Students and staff alike have a hard time articulating the dilemma of something akin to a language gap.  Unless it’s a foreign language class, English-speaking students should expect English-speaking professors. …UMassD … Continue reading The effects of accents on an undergraduate education