Gingerbread houses decked to the max

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

To celebrate the season UMass Dartmouth’s Dining Services helped students take a break from their pre-final prep and enjoy some holiday competition. On Wednesday, November 29, students came together to put their gingerbread house making skills to the test, a festive way to relax, imagine, and create.

Everyone remembers those holiday traditions of making gingerbread and decorating with tons of candy and frosting, well this event did just the trick, and allowed students to get a little competitive while having fun.

Gingerbread houses came in all shapes and sizes, with every type of candy, to help bring it to life. From frosting and ganache, hands were messy, as UMass Dartmouth students dived in to get started.

From 1p.m. to 4 p.m. students could come to the University Center to create their gingerbread house, free of charge.  Facebook friends could vote between Wednesday November 29 till Friday December 5, 2017 at 10: 00 a.m. for who should win the grand prize.

The Marketing Director for UMass Dartmouth Dining Services, Kirby Roberts created the event with students in mind.  “UMass Dartmouth Dining Services created the competition to foster school community and give students a little break from school work because papers and finals are right around the corner and it’s a fun event,” said Roberts proudly.

Students felt this was a wonderful event that allowed them to sit back and enjoy all the magic that the season has to bring. “My favorite part was planning and decorating the gingerbread house with my friends around me,” said Senior psychology major Malinthi Furtado. “I love events like this because it brings everyone together in a friendly competition.”

More students should consider participating in school wide events because it a great way to mix and mingle. “Students should participate in more school wide events because they are usually free and it’s a chance to try something new and meet new people,” Roberts said eagerly.

Making gingerbread houses, relaxing, and laughing with friends is just what students needed before the end of the semester final work load. “Having this event right before finals was perfect timing because it gave me a little break between studying and writing papers,” said Malinthi. “Classes are quickly coming to an end which means a lot of assignments are due in such a short amount of time. This event was such a great way to de-stress and get into the holiday spirit!”

Drum roll please…. This year’s winners are:

1st Place The House with the Blue Door, coming in with 237 Facebook likes.

2nd Place The Party House, coming in with 144 Facebook likes.

3rd Place The Beach House, coming in with 89 Facebook likes

Honorable Mentions included: The Log Cabin and The UMD Double Decker.

Roberts said to be on the look-out for more fun events next semester, word on the street is that there will be their annual Wally the Boston Red Sox Mascot coming to campus, once baseball season approaches.

With that being said the Dining Services wishes everyone a happy holidays and a great vacation and looks forward to seeing everyone after break for more festive fun.  Happy Holidays everyone!



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