Valentine’s make-a bear–a new friend to take home

Valentines make-a-bear— A new friend to take home by Michaella Lesieur.png
By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

The campus center was filled with love on Valentine’s Day, with the SAIL’s office’s annual Stuff-A-Bear event, which attracted many students and faculty. On February 14, 2018 for five dollars students could participate in making their own special friend, whether for themselves or a special Valentine. Faculty could also take part for eleven dollars.

First students were able to pick one or all four of the different animals including a teddy bear, panda bear, sloth and elephant. Each one came packed with love, once picked you could stuff it and place an inspirational star inside that had various sayings such as: love and dreams. Also, all bears came with a birth certificate and a UMass Dartmouth t-shirt to show their school spirit.

Many students fell in love with the event and thought it made the perfect gift whether for themselves or someone special. “The two animals I made was a sloth and elephant. My favorite part was that we could stuff the animals our self which made it special to whoever you were going to give it to,” said junior psychology major, Felicia Medeiros.

Felicia could not resist and had to make two. “I made one for my fiancé as a fun inside joke we have had for the past couple of years and the elephant for myself because it was to cute to not make one,” Medeiros said proudly.

That was not the only event going on in the Campus Center on Wednesday, Dining Services also had a make your own brownie station, where students could decorate and take their own personalized V-day brownie. Students could pick their own frosting and toppings from heart shaped candies, chocolates and Valentine’s themed sprinkles the options were endless.

Arnie was leading the day as he was dressed to impress, as cupid that is! To spread his love throughout, he posed for pictures and flew around the center greeting everyone and taking part in all the festivities.

Students feel events such as Build-A-Bear are important and should happen more often because not only is it a fun craft, but it brings the campus community together. It allows everyone to take a break from their studies and enjoy the holiday. “Events like this are important because it brings students together. This event might just have been stuffing animals, [but] if you happened to pass by the Campus Center there were many students waiting to make one,” described Medeiros.

It is the simple moments such as stuffing a bear that means the most. “…Even though something like this might seem simple, but it’s about bringing people with similar interests together. It provides students who are maybe living away from home and trying to make friends together…I believe that events like this should continue to bring students together with similar interests and to make us closer as students and a university,” said Medeiros.

The Stuff-A-Bear event had another successful year in spreading love, creating memories and bringing smiles to all the faces that participated. A wonderful way to celebrate the season and bring a childhood favorite to campus, as many people remember going to Build-A-Bear Workshop. The event was a way in which they could make their favorite animals, while not having to travel and pay a cheaper price. To stay up to date on other SAIL events and Dinning Services events, you can follow them on Facebook.

Photo Courtesy: Michaella Lesieur


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