All play, no work

By Justin McKinney, Sports Editor

Why is the sporting world imploding over Rob Gronkowski as well as Tom Brady not being presenting at optional offseason workouts? I realize there has been some tension between head coach Bill Belichick and the other two parties; however, this is fake news at its finest.

Gronkowski is going into his eighth year in the NFL and could retire today and still be the greatest tight end in league history. Not only that, but he could possibly be a top ten receiver in NFL history, he certainly makes a case for best red zone target in league history as well.

To put it simply, he does not need to be at optional workouts. Frankly, I also highly doubt Belichick even cares whether he is there or not. It is not as if Gronkowski is fighting for a spot or recovering from an injury that requires a large amount of physical therapy; the man is doing exactly what a two-time Super Bowl Champion and NFL legend should be doing during his offseason; relaxing.

While Gronkowski is known for his hard-partying antics and goofy off field persona, those that follow football know that Gronkowski is perhaps the most hard working and committed athlete in the NFL second to only Tom Brady. I would love to see him at these workouts, but who cares if he isn’t; he just doesn’t need to be there.

As far as Brady goes on this matter I really cannot figure out the controversy here. The man is in his early 40’s with a family and a wife who doesn’t want him still playing football to begin with. I am by no means saying he is not committed to football in the way he has been, however he is going to be taking more time with his family than in previous seasons.

Again, I wish this wasn’t that case because as I fan I love seeing Tom Brady on the field given the fact that he is one of the greatest competitors in all of sports; however, if he is skipping to take time to be with his family, then so be it.

To add this, I would be my life earnings that brady probably is not as involved with his family as he could be during the season. He works an extremely demanding job and is the best quarterback ever; unfortunately, that means during football season you have no time for much else other than football.

This is purely speculation; however, I would go as far to bet that Brady’s wife pushed him to skip optional workouts given that he was going to be playing another few seasons. I am not blaming her by any means as I understand why she wants her husband to retire; but given how vocal she has been about Brady continuing to play I wouldn’t be shocked if she attempted to get him to skip optional workouts.

Anyone who is speculating that there is this wild amount of tension between Brady, Gronkowski and Belichick is grasping at hairs. Since 2014 people have been waiting for the Patriots to violently fall from grace and everyone wants to say they said it first. Therefore, every time even the smallest thing occurs in the Patriots locker room the media blows it out of proportion, hence why this useless story is now front page news.

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