Corsair Fair 2018

Corsair Fair

By Madison Kenn, Staff Writer

On Friday the 14th, UMass Dartmouth hosted a Corsair Fair for both new students and upper classmen! The fair’s main goal was to recruit new members for the different clubs and organizations offered on campus. Students had the opportunity to win prizes and earn new things just by visiting a table and learning more about the club.

Intramurals made an appearance, discussing the several intramural sports teams UMass Dartmouth offers with future athletes. Flyers were also handed out for those interested in acting, or for those who wanted to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show auditions here in our liberal arts building! The UMD dance team was beyond enthusiastic for new team members, as well as the Asian club, Greek life table, and several others!
As an incoming freshman, the observation made is that the fair was incredibly helpful for getting involved in school activities. The fair succeeded in its determination to guarantee a fun and involved school year for students. It was a relaxing opportunity to unwind in between classes.

There were also different activities to participate in, as an addition to the assortment of clubs. Friends gathered around to battle in a game of corn hole, put on the role as a sumo wrestler, and engaged in a game of frisbee golf. For those who didn’t want to be competitive, they had the option to scan the several rows of decorated posters, both big and small! Tapestries and flags were also up for grabs as a “must have” decoration in student’s dorm rooms.

The event was crowded almost all day, luring in different groups of students with the smell of free Domino’s pizza, loud music, and even painting up for sale. Students also had the opportunity to make new friends, whether they were standing behind a table or walking in between rows beneath the tent.

The different club members were thrilled to see the outcome and to receive new names on their sign up sheets. The same can be said for those looking to get involved on campus. Even if students didn’t end up signing up for a club, members provided relevant information and showed immense enthusiasm for their club/event.

Every table did their best to interact with potential new members, whether asking them a question along the lines of “are you willing to save the environment today?” How is one going to say “no” to that? A majority of the tables took the approach of offering candy or free items such as t-shirts, Xfinity ponchos, and frisbees. Students left with smiles on their faces and new clubs to look forward to throughout the fall semester. Overall, the corsair fair was a successful turn out and incredibly helpful – coming from a freshman perspective.


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