Administration and Faculty Federation clash

By Sebastian Moronta Blanco, Assistant Editor-in-Chief The Department Chairperson for each department on campus belong to the same union bargaining unit as the faculty in that department. The university aims to remove thirty-four Department Chairs, as well as five Library Division heads from that unit, arguing their presence in the bargaining unit is problematic. Terms couldn’t be agreed upon in negotiations, so after a petition … Continue reading Administration and Faculty Federation clash


Annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s at BCC

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer The annual Walk the End Alzheimer’s is getting ready to lace up their sneakers on September 22, 2018 for all those who have been touched by the illness in some way. The walk will take place at Bristol Community College (BCC) and teams will come together and unite as one to raise money for the cause. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth … Continue reading Annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s at BCC


Try the Veoride on campus

By Thomas Griffin, Staff Writer Starting this semester, Veoride is set to offer affordable bicycle rentals, and the effects of the new deal can already be seen across campus. For any returning students from last year, the newly founded, and subsequently, restructured, bike sharing program offers students cross-campus transportation that is fast, reliable, and relatively cheap, at a cost of $0.50 per ride. In addition, … Continue reading Try the Veoride on campus


Corsair Fair 2018

By Madison Kenn, Staff Writer On Friday the 14th, UMass Dartmouth hosted a Corsair Fair for both new students and upper classmen! The fair’s main goal was to recruit new members for the different clubs and organizations offered on campus. Students had the opportunity to win prizes and earn new things just by visiting a table and learning more about the club. Intramurals made an … Continue reading Corsair Fair 2018


UMassD Believes

By Gabriella Barthe, Contributing Writer UMass Dartmouth class of 2021 students took on the 2018 This We Believe essay contest this summer with powerful responses showcasing unique yet relatable experiences. One would think such a paradoxical combination could not be met but this year’s winners rose to the occasion. Saheedat Bello, Lydia R. Touchette, and Ny’asia President won first, second, and third place respectively in … Continue reading UMassD Believes


I believe in self confidence

By Ny’Asia President, Contributing Writer I remember every day felt never-ending. I woke up daily at five o’clock in the morning, which, as a five-year-old, took a while to adjust to. At the end of the day, I would get home around four-thirty in the afternoon. When I started to swim competitively in high school, I would arrive home at around nine o’clock at night … Continue reading I believe in self confidence


US Open controversy puts spotlight on referee policies

By Sawyer Pollitt, Staff Writer The 2018 US open is awash with controversy after a matchup between 23 time title holder Serena Williams and new US open champion Naomi Osaka. The outcome of the tennis match was shifted by code violations and penalties that some are calling sexist. The controversy stems from three calls made umpire, Carlos Ramos, each penalty increasing in severity. This resulted … Continue reading US Open controversy puts spotlight on referee policies


God Aggressively Uses Social Media to Attract Millennials

By Eric Sousa, Staff Writer Are you familiar with the sensation of having an old, technologically inept aunt send you a friend request on Facebook? Your palms sweat. Your knees grow weak. Your arms feel heavy. You have concerns related to your mom’s spaghetti. Most importantly, you know that accepting the friend request will invite a world of awkwardness to your social media experience. But, … Continue reading God Aggressively Uses Social Media to Attract Millennials


A present-day witch trial with the people who run this country

By Elijah Santos, Staff Writer The New York Times came out with an insane essay, which has thrown the White House into a mass panic. Chaos rules the halls, reputations hang on by a thread, and a revolution is peaking around the corner. All of this is happening between the most powerful people in this country. The essay was posted anonymously from The New York … Continue reading A present-day witch trial with the people who run this country


Welcome Week legend

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer Week of Welcome is a legend for UMass Dartmouth Corsairs families both new and old. Whether you are a freshman, a returning undergrad, graduate or PhD student, UMass Dartmouth has been creating a month-long series of events that brings students together to celebrate the new academic year. To me it’s a week that myself as well as other students look … Continue reading Welcome Week legend