Welcome Week legend

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Week of Welcome is a legend for UMass Dartmouth Corsairs families both new and old. Whether you are a freshman, a returning undergrad, graduate or PhD student, UMass Dartmouth has been creating a month-long series of events that brings students together to celebrate the new academic year.

To me it’s a week that myself as well as other students look forward to. I am now a first-year graduate student here at UMass Dartmouth and over the years we look forward to the events that the SAIL office and other organizations host.

Most of the events can be viewed as a Corsair tradition and as we look back on the past couple of years we can remember Arnie’s Target takeover, 300 chairs, magic shows, Arnie’s Comedy Club, Oozeball, Red Sox nights, the Corsair fair and more.

It is important to hold on to those reoccurring events. However, there are some ideas that could be added.

This year we also had the Welcome Back Cookout and the Campus Center Happy Hour, which I feel are critical to the UMass Dartmouth student body in bringing students together.

The cookout is a great way for students to enjoy a summer themed meal all while having fun and meeting new people.

Although we love the oldies, there are always room for additions. Why not create even more options for students? New events that could interest students include:

Scavenger Hunt Around Campus
We could have students break into group and race to the finish line to various spots and locations on campus. A scavenger hunt is not only fun but will help students get familiar or reacclimated to campus again. There could even be a prize at the end for the team who finishes first.

Patriots Place Trip
A night or afternoon at Patriots Place is a sporty way to get out and explore New England. Here you have the Hall, shops, eateries and Gillette Stadium where students can browse around a popular tourist attraction. You never know who you might bump into during this time of year. If you’re lucky maybe Brady!

Sleepover with Arnie
How about an Arnie Sleepover Party? From 5-11 p.m. students could come dressed in their favorite pajamas to the campus center.
The hosting organization could project fan favorites up on the big screens in the cafeteria. There could be sleep over favorites such as pizza, popcorn and a make your own sundae bar; along with some fun board games.

UMass Dartmouth Luau
Another idea could be a luau, since the summer weather is still upon us the first couple of weeks a luau would be a great addition to the series of events, to say farewell to summer and hello to the semester.
There could be limbo, Hawaiian themed treats and lots of music. Students could even come dressed in their most festive luau skirts.

Autumn Fun
Taking a trip to a harvest festival is another suggestion that students would enjoy. Anything from apple picking, hayrides and corn mazes are a great way to get a group of friends together for an Autumn themed day. My family and I have always loved The Big Apple, which offers homemade fresh donuts too!

Design Your Own Planner
As students start up their academic programs there is no better way to stay organized than doing it together. Students could decorate blank/solid color planners. It’s a way to keep all those important dates all in one place while still getting crafty. Planners could be personalized with sharpies, stickers, labels, pictures and more.

Scrapbook of Memories
I know that every time I enter a school year I like to keep pictures of all the memories I have created over the years. Creating a scrapbook is a simple yet enjoyable way to bring friends together and create an album in which they can paste their favorite polaroid’s or pictures to come.

Volunteer Outreach
There is nothing more rewarding than volunteering. Coming up with a school wide opportunity that gives back to the community is the best way to bring the Corsair family together and create positive change. Not only are we having fun, but we would be helping a worthy cause. We should not forget to give back during the week of welcome.
As we can see the options are endless and as a student myself I love the Corsairs events that happen throughout the year. Week of Welcome is the perfect way to introduce the new year and relax.


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