Semirah Dolan will discuss Blockchain at BITCOIN Conference

By Semirah Dolan, Contributing Writer

Semirah Dolan, a senior mechanical engineering and computer science major, is scheduled to speak at the BITCOIN conference on October 12th in Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Her workshop on Block- chain will be hosted at the Best Buy headquarters. Semirah is the former President of the National Society of Black Engineers chapter and is also a resident assistant and engineering teacher assistant on the UMass Dartmouth campus. She has worked at multiple Fortune 500 companies in various industries such as: tech, manufacturing, health care, and aerospace. Semirah is promoting the disruptive power of blockchain technology and she seeks to extend her ef- forts by bringing the knowledge of blockchain technology all across the world.

This summer, Semirah launched the first few videos of an educational blockchain series on her Youtube channel. The videos took place in San Francisco, CA during her time as a Product Manager with Ebay.


Semirah participated in the World Blockchain Hackathon in July 2018 and completed a Blockchain Developer Bootcamp during the summer of 2018.

Semirah believes that the key to blockchain mass adoption is a general understanding of the technology. Blockchain technology will enable the evolution of all industries. After the mark that BITCOIN has made on the finance world, more and more people are beginning to explore the implications of this technology’s development. Our imaginations have gone wild with the possibility of ways that blockchain technology will impact us. Theoretically, this technology is putting the power of re- cords, trust, and transparency into the public’s hands. We are returning to an era of peer-to-peer trading that our ancestors start- ed with, a transaction be- tween two entities. This workshop will not only look at the high level applications and uses of blockchain technology but we will dive into how to test whether blockchain technology is appropriate and lucrative for a business’s venture.



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