Azuma Asian Bistro for all your sushi needs

By Eric Sousa, Staff Writer

There are some sentences in this world that are inexplicably heavenly when they hit your ears. “I love you.” “Wednesday’s 9AM is cancelled.” “This is a take-home exam.” They give our step some extra pep, and make us feel unconquerable. However, none hit quite as hard as, “Want to grab lunch at Azuma’s?”

Located about ten minutes outside of campus, Azuma Asian Bistro is an All You Can Eat sushi restaurant. However, they aren’t limited to just sushi. ‘

Hibachi, appetizers, and the some of the classic dishes are available for consumption as well. General Tso’s chicken, Edamame, Miso soup, and many favorite are available to accompany the sushi or hibachi.

The aesthetic of the establishment is relaxing as well. Upon entering the restaurant, towards the left there are hibachi tables sizzling and tossing delicious aromas.

Towards the right is a more secluded section of tables, if you aren’t’ in the mood to see onion volcanoes spewing fire. Most sushi restaurants have a small, serene vibe. While Azuma’s is bigger, and moderately louder, it still has remnants of that relaxing sushi-dinner ambiance.

I went here for lunch with an old friend of mine. Yvette Sousa, Analytical Lab Manger and mother of me, was able to accompany me on this trip.
Having craved sushi for the past few weeks, we were ravenous and excited to get the party started. While the lunch menu is more limited, it is only $10.95 as opposed to the dinner price of $21.95.

As always, I started the sushi meal off with the edamame. Steamed soybeans lightly tossed in salt, they are a great way to whet ones appetite. My mom got the miso soup, which she stated was, “way too hot.” After a few minute of soup cooling, she reported it to be delicious.

The service at the restaurant was well-paced, expect there to be a small delay when ordering sushi if it is busy.

However, when the rolls came out, it was well worth the wait. I had a voracious appetite, which meant I was able to try a wide variety of rolls. My table started small, with the spicy salmon and tuna avocado roll.

It went down easy, and after a few moments of sighing and exclaiming our table signed up for three more rolls to be delivered. This time we went to the big leagues; Shrimp Tempura, Alaskan, and Philadelphia roll. When the sea of salmon, crab meat, and shrimp delicately wrapped in rice and carefully topped with well-paired additions made it to the table, I smiled. My mother smiled. The waitress smiled. I think the Philadelphia roll smiled too, but I’m not positive.

Halfway through the roll, my guest exclaimed, “Oh I don’t think I could eat another- wait I haven’t tried that roll yet, stop hogging the good stuff.” An hour passed before we knew it.

I would honestly say the lunch menu was tasty for the price-point, but the dinner menu had many more elaborate rolls available. I was craving the Midori roll, but I knew it was beyond my abilities to have at that moment. However, I went there with the intention of satisfying a sushi craving and I most definitely achieved that goal.

So if you’re looking for a break from Res and Wendy’s and you want to get incredibly full but not feel overly self-hating because of it, look no further than Azuma Asian Bistro on State Road.

But please… learn to use chopsticks.

I am this close to trying to pass legislature to make eating sushi with a fork illegal. I’m looking at you, mom.


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