Even Rocketman gets his own biopic

By Staff Writer Madison Kenn.

Biopic movies, also known as biographical, are becoming more popular as producers choose to film about the historical lives of celebrities and well known individuals. The films most likely broadcasts the steps an artist takes to pursue their career, and how they became successful in their field. Biopic films were at their highest of popularity in the 1930s but are still prominent to this day. Although musicians are the most frequently used characters in these films, they can also follow the lives of criminals, religious figures, military heroes, inventors, and even presidents. Some start out with the individual’s childhood, and others concentrate on adult achievements.

The most recently produced biopic movie features the actor Taron Egerton playing the role of Elton John. The film, known as Rocket Man, shows years of Elton John as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music, who soon became known for his musical talents.

Jamie Bell stars as Bernie Taupin, revealing the influential bond the two shared during their musical partnership. This genre is becoming significantly more admired as it unravels the stories held behind the lives of celebrities. The strengths and weaknesses of one’s career path becomes more public, and at most times, has a sympathetic effect on the audience.

These films are relatable, as they are constructed solely on one’s life story; relationships, personal struggles, influences, and more. Although everyone loves a good sappy love story, or a scare, biopic movies are educationally important to understand the historical background of individuals in one’s era. They can also be as equally interesting and action-packed as other genres. Rocket man is categorized as a biography, drama, and fantasy all in one.

It is important to be aware and acknowledge the lifestyle of previous eras, as well as indulging in historical facts of both the present, and the past. Specifically for those focused around ones presidency, is also a good tool to use to be politically involved and be aware of the social injustices that are potentially involved.

The media is going crazy over Elton John’s biographical film, luring viewers in with the header “Based on a true fantasy” claiming to be “the words used to sign off the first trailer”. Being “Britain’s most treasured entertainers, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world”, this is a must see movie, officially being released into theatres on the 28th of June in 2019.

Biopic films should be considered by everyone to watch, as they are a reliable resource to escape the rumours on social media, and explore the truths of ones fame and glory.



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