From soul to Seoul

By Staff Writer Madison Kenn.

Being a resident on campus, it is common to get tired of the food provided, and a lot of students tend to want to hang out and eat somewhere different. Fortunately, there are several restaurants that are accessible off campus and are as close as just five-ten minutes away.

Although the chefs of UMass Dartmouth offer a variety of food options from different cultural backgrounds, some may want to expand their palate beyond school grounds.

From the Seoul is a Korean restaurant located in the plaza just minutes away from campus. Seoul is known as the capital of South Korea. For those who are homesick and missing their families homemade korean dishes, will find From the Seoul comforting as they are greeted by a korean family who are cooking from their own family recipes. This dimly lit restaurant also welcomes guests who aren’t familiar with the dishes, and are sympathetic when one asks for a utensil as a substitute for their chopsticks (I am aware of this from personal experience and my lack of skill with chopsticks).

My roommate and I were eager to try something new and slightly exotic for dinner one evening, and our friend was homesick, as she had never lived in the United States for a long-term period. With a korean background, our friend had suggested From the Seoul, excited to introduce us to all of her favorite dishes. That being said, it is considerably helpful to be accompanied by someone who is familiar with the language and can recognize the varieties of options listed on the menu.

With nearly fifty items to choose from, we decided to order an assortment of foods. Many of the options include an alternative to meat. As a picky meat consumer myself, I found it convenient that we could have the possibility of ordering half of the dumplings with meat inside, and the other half filled with vegetables. Along with the food we ordered, we were served several mini bowls containing different sides, free of charge and unlimited refills. The meal portions aren’t huge, but large enough for a group of four, and most likely guaranteed as leftovers.

Our friend had entered with a grin on her face, squealing with excitement, and left no differently, although this time, she had walked out with a few take-out boxes.

There is no excuse not to try From The Seoul! As a college student myself, I am aware of the constant panic of spending too much money, but the prices are affordable and reasonable considering the ethnicity of the meal. For those who aren’t fans of spicy foods are also welcome here, as there are non spicy, medium, mild, and hot options. I highly recommend as an outsider who wasn’t familiar with korean food, and my friend recommends as well, as she mentioned “It tastes just like home!” What are you waiting for? Go visit From The seoul located on Faunce Corner Road in North Dartmouth for high quality food and a high quality experience!

For those who are familiar with korean food, these are just a few of the items offered on From the Seoul menu that can be eaten in the restaurant or at home! A description of the dishes is also provided, for those who are interested but aren’t familiar with the delicacy of Korean food.

Ramyun noodles (No, these aren’t what the average college student is used to, and is far more delicious than the popular packaged dry until- boiled noodles with flavor packets). Instead, these are noodles in a spicy broth, vegetable flakes, and a whole broken cooked egg, with the option of cheese.

Bulgogi is a Korean dish that is most popular among Americans, containing thin slices of boneless beef in a mix of sauteed onions, peppers and mushrooms in a sweet, lightly spiced sauce. This was one of the dishes I ordered, and I highly recommend! (This is also available with pork or chicken instead of beef)

Sweet and sour chicken, which is a thinly sliced chicken breast that has been deep fried in a seasoned batter, glazed in a sweet and sour sauce, and topped with vegetables such as onions, peppers and carrots, and also contains fruit such as apples and pineapples!
Kimchi (A must have korean staple!) Available with cabbage, cucumber, or radish, which is marinated in ginger, garlic, green onion, and red chile pepper flakes.

These are just a few dishes offered, not including the possible sides, house specials, lunch specials, or appetizers. Check out the rest of the recipe for yourself, and indulge in a traditional korean meal.



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