More than you could possibly want know about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s breakup

By Staff Writer James Mellen III.

Superstar Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson called off their Engagement last Saturday, and while “Gravidson” came to an untimely halt, the relationship will live forever in our hearts.

The relationship made constant headlines over its few month span, complete with controversy, a drug overdose, the death of a 9/11 firefighter, the best pop album of the summer, no less than 5 tattoos, the creation of the term big d**k energy, and a pet pig.
While the relationship made constant headlines for it’s rushed nature, the two met in March of 2016, on Davidson’s first night at Saturday Night Live.

In an interview with Howard Stern, it was reported that Grande told her friend she would one day marry Davidson, however both began new relationships shortly after.
In May of this year, Ariana Grande broke up with the late Mac Miller after a two year of dating, at the same time Pete Davidson and Larry David’s daughter Cazzie David (another two year relationship ended).

On the 20th of May, the two were seen cuddling backstage at the Billboard Music Awards. The next day Grande reported that her and Davidson were a casual thing, however, three days later on the 23rd, the couple got matching tattoos–clouds on their fingers.
Around this time, Mac Miller got into a DUI accident, and Grande began recieving serious backlash for ending things with Mac Miller.

Many fans went to Twitter with complaints that Mac was unstable and Grande was supposed to do something about it. Grande responded to these allegations by saying “I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel like she has to be.”

The couple ended the month of May with by posting Instagram photos of them together for the first time. One of which is highly notable, Davidson posted a picture of the two of them in Harry Potter robes, with the caption “You Tryna Slytherin.”

Davidson began the month of June by getting two more Grande tattoos, the cover of Ariana’s Dangerous Woman behind his ear and Grande’s initials on his thumb. The couple announced their engagement on Davidsons Instagram shortly after on June 15th.
In June Grande began to tease at her upcoming album Sweetener, having released singles “No Tears Left To Cry” (this is an example of real live foreshadowing) and “Bed “ featuring Nicki Minaj, the second song didn’t make it onto the album.

In an Instagram tease Grande revealed that there would be an interlude titled “Pete” later changed to “Pete Davidson” (This is very important).

A fan tweeted at Grande after the tease asking “how long is Pete,” then immediately clarifying tweeting “I MEANT THE INTERLUDE NOT AS IN…. ANYWAY.” Grande tweeted back “like ten inches… oh f**k…. I mean ….. A lil over a minute.”
Twitter went insane, the term big d**k energy began to surface all over the internet, with Pete Davidson as the icon for the newest fad.

Grande got a tattoo for Davidson at the end of June, putting the couples tattoo net total at 5. Grande got the number 8418 which is the badge number of Davidson’s father, a firefighter who sacrificed his life during the 9/11 attacks.

On August 16th Grande appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show to build hype for her new album, here she plays the song Pete Davidson for the public to hear the first time. Grande says she wrote the song a week after they began to hang out. Grande also reported that her mother and grandmother love Davidson.

Grande dropped her album Sweetener the next day, it was the best mainstream pop album since Lorde dropped Pure Heroine, this is not an objective fact.

On September 7th Grande’s ex boyfriend Mac Miller died of a drug overdose. Many twitter users blamed Grande and Davidson’s engagement as what pushed Miller over the edge. Grande received criticism to the point where she had to block comments on her instagram posts.

On September 18th the couple adopted a pet pig, they named it Piggy Smalls, Davidson got his fourth “Gravidson” tattoo (sixth between the two of them), a portrait of the pig. A week later, Davidson appeared on The Howard Stern Show.

During this radio broadcast Davidson reported that he used to do more than look at Grande’s Instagram photos, joking that he “had been practicing the whole time for their relationship.” He also said that when he would think about his father burning to death in the 9/11 attacks to last longer with Grande. Best believe she’s going to think about that every time she looks at her foot.

On the season premiere of SNL Davidson joked that if the couple were to break up, he would be working at Kmart in ten years and Grande’s song “Pete Davidson” would play on the radio.

Two weeks later, the couple called off their engagement, and Grande kept the pig.



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