Kapossy and McDonough give Plymouth a run for their money

By A&E Editor Alex Kerravala.

Despite a well-fought battle, UMass Dartmouth ice hockey lost 4-2 to Plymouth State in a Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference matchup on Saturday evening at Hanaway Rink, Plymouth.

The hosting Panthers kicked off the second period with a single goal lead, but quickly made it two just 3 minutes into the period. The lead was reduced when sophomore Kai Kapossy was able to find the net 14 minutes into the second. Just 6 minutes into the third, UMass Dartmouth was able to tie it up with another goal, this time from senior Brendan McDonough

The fourth game of the season for the Corsairs manages to be the fourth loss of the season, and UMass Dartmouth Hockey can’t seem to find their footing.

This is not to be said about every player, as the game was tied up briefly in the third period thanks to the goals scored by Kapossy, assisted by senior Jonathan Ruiz, and McDonough, assisted by first year Jimmy Pelton and junior Tommy DeFelice.
Another notable performance was by Senior Goalie Tommy Bay, making 21 saves throughout what I can only assume to be an exhausting night.

Perhaps their lack of a game win comes from the fact UMass Dartmouth can’t keep themselves out of the penalty box. Over the course of this three period game, the Corsairs had seven penalties, two of them 10-minute game misconduct calls, one of those causing senior Mason Nichols to be thrown out of the game. With the hockey team playing so aggressively, UMassD had a total of 33 minutes of a 60 minute game in the box, and the first two of Plymouth’s four goals were on power plays.

The aggressive playstyle signature to Corsairs ice hockey isn’t all bad, however, as it did lead to more shots on net. By the end of the game, the Corsairs had more shots than Plymouth State, 29-25. With the aggression kept up and kept clean, there is no doubt the Corsairs can find a win in the near future.

If only the corsairs out on the ice were able to act on their aggression in a more productive way. Not only did UMassD have more shots on net, but also more power plays. If they could have shown that level of aggression on a power play, and without giving up any players of our own, there is no doubt the luck of the Corsair ice hockey team would change.

If the UMass Dartmouth Corsairs want to play aggressive, they can certainly make that work, so long as aggressive means keeping their goalie busy and not playing like a goon.

UMass Dartmouth kicked off the season with two very close games, the first against Fitchburg state, losing 5-4, and the second against assumption, losing 3-2 in overtime.
The season continues on Thursday, November 15 against Westfield State. Hopefully, if the Corsairs can keep their heads up- and their fists down- they can come away with a W after this streak of underperformance.


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