2019 goals of the UMass Dartmouth community

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn. The Torch staff discussed what goals students have for this current semester here at UMass Dartmouth. Those who were willing to respond shared similar aspirations and developed strategies to assist them in achieving their goals. Tyller Dawson, a freshman who is currently studying biology, intends to become an anesthesiologist, and shares with us, his propositions in order to achieve his end goal. Dawson explains his ambitions and desires to do exceptionally well for not only this semester, but for the remainder of his education. He strongly believes that every semester is important, especially as a pre-med student. Dawson makes it clear that he wants to prove to himself that he can stay on track and perform well in class, as well as maintaining stability. He conveys this by describing his game plan during the school day. I have a schedule that I stay on through the day that allows me to attend my classes, complete my homework, and study, but also allows me to have enough spare time to hang out with friends. He made the point that having the ability to separate one’s education and social life is an essential tool for a student attending college, in addition to improving one’s education. This aspiring young pre-med student also illustrates what he thinks college is all about. College is about learning to take responsibility and action in your life; taking the next step to becoming an adult, and doing things that you may not have experienced in the past; growing up. If you had not grown up in high school, college encourages you to do that. Another freshman studying biology at UMass Dartmouth shares her viewpoints and personal goals regarding college, including the previous, current, and upcoming semesters. Lynne Ashby, a determined future marine biologist, reveals her passion for science and her love for aquatic animals as she speaks from the heart about her educational goals as a student at UMassD. I have always wanted to help others in any way that I could, and combining my devotion for biology and marine life is a perfect match for me. She then tells us about her anticipated goals and strategies she plans on taking. I plan on improving my academic abilities compared to last semester. I am always striving to succeed, but I believe that I can always push myself to do better than the last. There is always room to improve, and whatever I struggled on during the previous semester, will be my strong suit at the end of the next. Being self aware of our academic mistakes is always important, and having the courage to tend to them is even more beneficial. Mathieu Beaupre, a sophomore here at UMass Dartmouth is majoring in Management Information Systems, with the intention of pursuing a career in the computer systems field, in hopes of becoming an analyst. His goal may seem simple and brief, but behind it is hard work and determination.

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