Want to get your mouthful? No Problemo!

By Staff Writer Tamendy Raymond

Hungry? Are you looking for something new to fire your taste buds? No problemo! I’ve got the perfect restaurant for you!

No Problemo is a Mexican restaurant, that has been serving customers since 2009. It is located in New Bedford on 813 Purchase Street.

It’s a great spot to grab a bite to eat. Normal hours of operation are from Monday thru Saturday; 11am to 10pm and on Sunday’s, they are open from 12pm to 8pm!

It’s about ten to twenty minutes away from campus. All burritos start with a nice twelve inch steamed flour tortilla or you have the option to create your own personalized bowl. These are served with your choice of toppings for prices that range anywhere between three to ten dollars depending on your choice of toppings!

So between your free time try a nice juicy diablo burrito! The only downside is that they only take cash; however, there’s an ATM inside so no worries! Not too bad… huh?!

I am telling you this Mexican restaurant is the place to dine if your looking for something new and tasty to eat. They have so many sides and extras to choose from. They serve anything from water to sodas, jarritos Mexican soda, polar seltzer, Snapple and if you are 21 years or older you’re in for a treat! They serve brewed beer, canned beer, ciders, malts, sangrias, and various red or whites wines!

They serve mouth watering tacos, taquitos, tortas, quesadillas, delicious salads, different types of burritos, rice and beans,

I almost forgot to mention they have a very cool copper bar, where you can dine in and watch the Patriots beat the Rams. They have an eye catching skull faced logo, so it is hard to miss!

They even have their own Taquera No Problemo Serraio Lime hot sauce so if you’re looking for a spicy kick you got it, with up to three different levels of spiciness!

The customer service there is good, the staff is exceptionally friendly and kind. They are ready to serve you their best meals with a smile on their faces.
They maintain a nice, clean facility. You do not have to wait, the timeliness of their food is not too bad. It is quick, hot and ready to eat! It is a nice clean restaurant, with spaced out tables and a cool interior.
This spot es muy caliente and you do not want to miss out! It is a great place to eat if you are on budget with lots of vegan alternatives! They even have great music to listen to while dining!

Next time you’re hungry or in the mood for something new try No Problemo! They have no problem to suit your taste buds! Overall, the environment is really friendly and relaxed. Service and food were excellent! Great food, friendly staff and great consistency. If you have never eaten from here, you must definitely try it! You will not be disappointed!


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