The Goat tramples the Rams: Patriots win Super Bowl LIII

By Staff Writer James Mellen.

That’s right, we won the most boring game of football that I have ever sat through!
The lowest scoring Super Bowl in history ended in a 13-3 win for the New England Patriots!

There were a few other records broken in the game, such as but not limited to, the Los Angeles Rams being the first team to punt on all 7 of their first possessions of the game, the Rams scoring the second longest field goal in Super Bowl history at 53 yards (missing first place by one yard, and last but not least, the longest punt in Super Bowl history at 64 yards by Rams punter Johnny Hekker. What a game by them.

This was also the second Super Bowl that went into the fourth quarter tied.
At one point, live bets had the over/under set as low as 9.5.

New England Patriots wide receiver, Julian Edelman earned the game’s MVP award with 141 yards on 10 receptions, by comparison the Rams as a team only had 198 passing yards.

Besides the records that were broken, the game itself was rather uneventful. The first half of the game consisted of only one scoring play, a Patriots field goal.

The Rams made only two first downs in the first half of the game and did not manage to reach the red zone once the entire game.

For two teams that are praised for their offense, that certainly was not the focus of this game.

Between the first and second halves of football games is something called halftime, named because it is the time halfway through the game.

This year’s halftime show featured Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi.
A lot of people were hoping for a SpongeBob appearance with the song, “Sweet Victory,” but we were only given a short tease.

Others hoped one of the performers would show solidarity with Colin Kaepernick in some form, yet that also did not happen.

The second half of the game was much more exciting than the first, but that isn’t saying much.

Unfortunately, the Patriots lost Patrick Chung almost immediately in the third quarter, injuring his arm after making a tackle.

The Rams finally got on the board and tied the game up in the third quarter with a field goal, leading many viewers to believe that the game would ultimately end up overtime.
The Patriots stayed true to their character as a fourth quarter team and scored the only touchdown of the game after a 69-yard drive lead by a clutch Gronkowski catch which allowed rookie running-back Sony Michel to hammer the ball into the end zone.
The Rams got the ball prepared to answer the Patriots score but quarterback Jared Goff threw an interception late in the drive right into the arms of Patriots cornerback, Stephon Gilmore.

The Patriots took advantage of the pick and scored a field goal with 1:12 left in the game, making it now a two score game.

The Rams kicked a rebuttal field goal in attempt to pull off a late game miracle…and missed.

After the game Brady said, “We fought through it more than anything,” and called this season an “unbelievable year.”

This was Brady and Belichick’s sixth win over nine Super Bowl appearances through the years.

This win came on the 17th year anniversary of the beginning of the Brady-Belichick dynasty, when the dynamic duo won the Patriot’s first Super Bowl over the Rams, who at the point in time were playing out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Overall, between the low game score and the emphasis on kickers, this was basically a game of soccer. But, nontheless, a game of soccer that New England won.
Go Pats!


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