Celtics and Lakers looking to sign Anthony Davis

By Staff Writer Seth Tamarkin.

If there’s one thing the NBA does right, it’s entertaining its maniacal fanbase. Nothing goes unnoticed in today’s world and even more so when there are reporters just waiting to break the next big story. Therefore, when something big does happen it doesn’t just make waves, it engulfs the fanbase into watching every move that goes around throughout the league.

Lately, these big stories have come so often that it’s getting hard to keep up. Superstar players growing impatient with a lack of success within their organization have been requesting trades at an exponential rate, from Kyrie Irving to Boston, Jimmy Butler to Minnesota and then Philly, and Kawhi Leonard bringing his talents to Toronto.
Of all the names that have made a splash lately though, the biggest may have come from 5x all-star, 3x all-NBA first team recipient and former defensive player of the year Anthony Davis. Last week, he formally requested a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans after spending the first six years of his career playing for the oft-underwhelming franchise.

There have been rumors circulating about Davis’s future in New Orleans for years, so it’s not exactly surprising that he chose to request a trade nearly two weeks before the league’s mandated trade deadline on February 7th.

While the Pelicans are surely hitting themselves, this is huge news for the league. Arguably one of the NBA’s top five players suddenly wants to join a new team so he can compete for a championship, after his stint on the Pelicans only led to winning one playoff series.

Not only is this big news for casual fans hoping to acquire the star power forward, but also this move’s result could change the landscape of the league for years to come.
There are a handful of teams, for instance, which already have the foundation built for a championship run.

So, this brings up the question of where the skilled 6’10’’ power forward will land. Realistically, not every team is in play for this year’s NBA sweepstakes and most teams won’t have the assets to make a trade.

The two teams with the best chances to make a deal happen would have to be the Las Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics for a multitude of reasons.

The LA Lakers have been slowly improving recently, with noted good basketball player Lebron James signing a four-year mega contract this past offseason, as well as a stockpiled slew of young talent that they drafted over the past five years.

Moreover, Davis just signed with Lebron’s agent Rich Paul this past summer and “sources” close to the star claim that Davis wants to team up with James in L.A.
Although the Lakers are considered the favorite to land A.D., the Boston Celtics cannot be ruled out of any trade due to their President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge. Since 2013, where he traded former C’s Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Ainge’s wheeling and dealing has consistently left Celtics with valuable players.

These trades have left the Celtics with an abundance of riches in order for a player like Davis to become available, so the stars may be aligning once again for the team in green.
Typically, the team trading away their superstar would like a hefty bag of young talent and draft picks in return, and Boston has all of those in spades. As long as Davis is not traded by the February 7th deadline, the Celtics have equal or greater chances than anyone in the league to land the all-pro talent.

With Anthony Davis’s fate currently up in the air, the infamous Lakers-Celtics rivalry will only elevate to new heights if one of those two teams lands Davis in the coming months.



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