Read up on this semester’s Greek life news

By Staff Writer Gabriella Barthe.

With spring semester in full effect, Greek Life is out in droves holding their second rounds of recruitment for the year. All _ organizations are searching for their right fit in potential new members and you might be it!

As far as Greek organizations go, the campus has a number of sororities: Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Pi Omega, Mu Sigma Upsilon, Rho Sigma Phi, Zeta Phi Beta, Chi Upsilon Sigma and Phi Sigma Sigma.

On the other end there are the fraternities: Chi Phi, Phi Kappa Theta, Sigma Phi Rho, Phi Beta Sigma, Lambda Sigma Upsilon, and Theta Delta Chi.

There’s even on coed fraternity on campus Zeta Lambda Chi. Each has their own set of standards an ideals, so you should be able to find something that fits your fancy.
The National Sororities under the Panhellenic Council have an overarching governing body that requires them to do recruitment together in the fall semester. You might have noticed Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Tau together tabling and on posters.
Though this semester they are recruiting separately giving you more time with sisters of each organization should you be interested.

If you need more of a reason to look into Greek Life, Order of Omega exists for those academic scholars. This organization is open to all members of Greek organizations on campus for those with a high GPA and level of philanthropic involvement which looks great on a resume.

Interested in joining an organization but need to know more? Seek out the recruitment chairs of each Fraternity and Sorority that sounds appealing to you, check out their national headquarters’ website if they have one, and go to recruitment events.
The only way to know if it is the right fit is to meet them in person.

Local Sorority Delta Pi Omega is holding their recruitment at 6 PM Thursday December 31 – Thursday February 7, with events such as Ice Skating, Chipotle, and Interview nights. All of which meet in front of the Corsair Café.

If you want to know more about their process or missed recruitment contact marketing major, Alyssa Battles.

Phi Sigma Sigma is holding recruitment February 4 – February 9 with a music themed event each night. For more information you can contact accounting and finance major Abigail Cox. If you’re looking for the other national sorority on campus, Alpha Sigma Tau held their recruitment season last week ending on January 31. Though according to President and Social Chair Jenna Bozza (Marketing/Management Major), they are holding a number of events throughout the semester including a Game Night with Chi Phi Fraternity February 20, Dodgeball with Theta Delta Chi Fraternity February 23, Initiation at the end of March, and a movie night with Phi Sigma Sigma April 5.

For those interested in Co-ed organizations, Zeta Lambda Chi had recruitment going on for the last two weeks. Though they are having speed interviews today February 7 at 6:30 PM. Miss recruitment but still want more information? Contact graphic design major Dennis Fox.

For the men out there, Chi Phi Fraternity’s recruitment is being held Monday January 28 – Friday February 8, two of the events are being held with sororities.

Steven Kouroyen and Shawn Perry can both be contacted for more information. Also, Phi Kappa Theta’s Mark Holmes can be contacted about their organization which held recruitment from January 28 – February 5.

Looking for one of the other organizations mentioned? Check out MyOrgs and contact their eboard members. Want to get involved before you make the plunge?
Keep an eye on these organizations through social media!

All of them will be having formal dances at the end of the semester, holding social events, and doing philanthropic work throughout the semester to give you a chance to meet the members.


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