UMassD post office gets huge upgrade

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn.

Over winter break, the post office here on campus moved locations, from the basement of CVPA to the basement of the campus center.

Members of the Torch spoke with students living on campus about the switch, to learn what they think the benefits are and to understand and take into consideration, any complaints that they may have concerning the matter.

Jay Weygand, a first year English major, finds the new location to be beneficial to students because “it’s more central on campus and easier to find for new students.”
This goes along with the point that it was difficult to find the office when it was in the basement of CVPA, making it easier for students to get lost.

Weygand’s roommate and best friend, Axel Jeremie, also a first year English major, believes that the moving of the post office is more beneficial to students as well.
He also stated that he enjoys the changes that faculty made in addition to the switching of locations.

“The fact that they also allow mail and packages to be picked up from the same room is easier and more successful, in my opinion, than the way they did it in CVPA.”

Lynne Ashby, a first year biology major, believes that overall, the location will be beneficial in the end.

She believes it will bolster accessibility to all students, but also admits that along the way, it is likely that there will be electrical complications, due to the lack of staff in the mail room.

Albert Michel, a first year Business Management major also notices the convenience of the new location, however, he mentions the inconvenience of the traffic flow of students waiting for their package at the new package center machine.

“There’s a possibility that I could be late trying to goto class and because I need to catch the shuttle, waiting in line is not beneficial to me.”

Although this is an issue, for not just him, but for other students who have places to be, he respects the system and has confidence that “the flow will be easier moving forward for the years to come, depending on how the system holds up this semester.”

After taking michel’s thoughts into consideration, it raised some concerns to the surface.
The newly installed lockers for large packages can be beneficial, but can also be a hassle.
Because of the absence of workers searching the packaging information for each student and those who locate the package quickly enough not to hold up the line, it slows the process, especially those unfamiliar with the new system.

However, the majority of the students we spoke to agree that the change was necessary, and students will adapt to it over time.

Thank you for everyone’s input! We are looking forward to new changes here on campus and are excited to experience the benefits that come along with them!


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