Restaurant review: Take a bite out of Chomp

By Staff Writer Tighe Ratcliffe.

If you’re new to the New England area, or have lived here most your life, you know it’s full of a lot of hidden gems. Chomp Kitchen and Drinks is one of them.

Chomp is a small little restaurant in Warren, Rhode Island, that specializes in local craft beer and gourmet burgers. They make their own house ketchup (which is amazing), and it has a very welcoming vibe. Now, there are many more things on the menu besides burgers, but die hard Chomp fans will tell you it’s the burger that you need to order.

Their signature house burger (pictured) will set you back about $14, but it is well worth it. You won’t get quality like this for prices this cheap anywhere else locally. Everything about the burger is wonderful and packs distinct flavor notes with each bite. This is the first place I’ve ever gone where smoked gouda has ever been included on a burger, let alone the signature one. It also has bacon, “chomp sauce,” lettuce, tomato, and the friendliest little pickles you ever ate.

Now there are many more burgers to choose from besides the house burger. For instance, there’s the French Onion burger, which like the name implies, has a lot of onions. They have a Mac and Cheese burger, as well as something called “The Stack,” which has more toppings than your clogged artery heart could desire.

If burgers aren’t your thing (you don’t know what you’re missing), Chomp has plenty of other things on the menu that will tickle your fancy. They have a veggie burger that actually looks good enough to eat, as well as salads, and various other sandwiches or assorted entrees.

Over the tv, there are 3 “the best of Rhode Island” plaques displayed clearly for all to see, and they are well earned because Chomp knows what they are doing. This is definitely a place where there are regular customers, because you can hear the staff and some customers address each other by name−a sign of a devout burger fan base. It is definitely warranted; the food is that good.

If you’re looking for a great place to go on a date for Valentines Day, why not try Chomp?
They have everything a couple celebrating the holiday could want: ambiance, food, water, a well-stocked bar, atmosphere, ample parking, and most importantly…burgers. Because that’s what love is all about, am I right?

So if you’re looking for a new favorite restaurant, head down to Chomp.
If you leave there hungry, then you haven’t eaten everything in front of you. The portions are well worth the money, and you’ll be eagerly waiting for your next opportunity to come to this little Rhode Island gem.


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