Learn how to stay motivated for your intended career

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn.

Want a chance to win raffle prizes, and learn how to stay motivated for your intended future career? Look no further!

“Turning the Tide” is an upcoming event that is being hosted here on campus, located in the Charlton College of Business building, room 149. This event will be held at 6:30 pm on Friday March 1, in room 149, 5 pm on Saturday, March 2, in the same room, and Sunday, March 3 at 3 pm in the Frederick Douglass Unity House.

The Torch staff spoke with Vivian Obodo, an MIS major and senior at UMass Dartmouth, who came up with the “Turning the Tide” idea.

Obodo spoke passionately about her bible study meetings that she had started her freshman year, in the hopes that she could have an impact on her peers and motivate them.

She mentions that she is still running the bible study meetings, but since it is her last year as a student at UMassD, Obodo wanted to construct an even bigger event to motivate those who have joined her meetings before, and anyone else who wants to come.

“Turning the Tide is meant to take students out of the rut and stress of college and to encourage and empower those students for a better life,” she says.

Obodo is also hoping that a decent amount of people show their interest in her progress and join her and their peers at the new event.

She also wanted students to know that there will be not one, but two iPads that are being given away as prizes during a raffle throughout the evening, as well as two cash prizes!
On Sunday night, food will be served, and a surprise guest speaker will make an appearance as well.

Obodo mentioned that after this three day event takes place, she’ll be starting her weekly meetings for the semester.

Feel free to join her in the Frederick Douglass Unity House at 2 pm every Sunday to keep the encouragement and motivation going.

If you aren’t sure if “Turning the Tide” would be beneficial to you, attend Friday night, and if you enjoy it, you are more than welcome to revisit the next two days.

The Torch wants to give Obodo an extra special “thank you” for planning and organizing this event as well as her meetings prior and after the event, and for her leadership in wanting to help out her peers.

Go and attend this event, have fun, and get the motivation you need to get you through the end of this year and the years yet to come!

You may even be taking home a brand new iPad, or leave with more money in your pocket than when you first walked in the door.

Obodo says, “I know that as we are motivated and feel strength from within; The sky’s the limit for our lives.”


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