In Memoriam: Marc Lalosh

By Contributing Writer Gabriella Barthe.

On February 17, 2019, 20 Cent Fiction Founder and UMass Dartmouth alumni unexpectedly passed away at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth Massachusetts.

Marc Lalosh, 43, was an English major during his undergraduate career at the University.
He was born June 20, 1975 to Terry and Judy Lalosh in Cincinnati, Ohio and has lived in several states during his life.

During his time at UMass Dartmouth, Lalosh not only finished the English Degree that sent him on the path to working as a marketing creative director, but gave life to the brain child that was the 20 Cent Fiction Production Company.

“Marc saw an English course in the catalogue that was 20th Century Fiction, but had been abbreviated for space to 20 Cent Fiction, and he thought that would be a cool name for a production company,” said Rebecca Paiva (Drama/Film, Psychology, English, Class of 1998) as she informed the Torch on the process behind the company’s name and founding.

In 1994 Lalosh approached members of UMass Dartmouth’s old Experimental Stage open-mic to help him make his dream a reality.

While Experimental Stage didn’t really have the money to aid in his endeavours, they helped to sponsor an event that kicked off a long-standing tradition for the university.

That event spurred the still-running event “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and was the very first production that 20 Cent Fiction put on.

Of course, the very first showing was directed by Marc himself and this past October 2018, 20 Cent celebrated the 25th Annual showing of this production.

Marc later went on to perform as Riff Raff in the second annual showing and to direct again a few years later.

He was a part of the company’s production of “The Princess Bride,” Theatre Company’s “Wizard of Oz” and a past performance of “Little Shop of Horrors.”

His involvements were vast and led him to designing amazing sets and props for shows along with performing in experimental performances like the Wicked Fake Wrestling Federation. Marc Lalosh was highly involved in the theatre community throughout his life.

Not only did he spawn the alternative theatre experience on campus, he performed in and directed shows for what was at the time SMUTCo as well as worked with YOUR Theatre. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” was directed by Lalosh, as well as “I Hate Hamlet” among others.

“He designed the Jack as a logo because he envisioned our group to be a production company of all trades” Rebecca recounted, referencing the old company tagline, “like the Jack of All Trades.” In the company’s 24 years of existence, the Jack of All Trades has become a symbol of endearment among its members.

Every year the company gives the “Jack of All Trades” award and bolsters the logo designed by Lalosh on all of their events and materials.

Several individuals have gone as far as to get Lalosh’s concept tattooed onto their bodies showcasing their love for the company and the group they have come to call home.

Lalosh is regarded as an amazing person by those who knew him and is often cited for his interest in Philosophy and creative spirit. He was known as being able to mingle with all walks of life despite coming off as an initially quiet and reserved individual. Though, underneath it all, he was funny, intelligent, and charismatic.

Marc is survived by his wife Karen, his children, Bryce and Layne Lalosh, his parents Terry and Judy, and his brothers, Kip and Drew.

The celebration of Marc’s life took place on Sunday February 24, at the Davis Funeral and Cremation Home in Plymouth and the funeral took place on Monday February 25, at the same location.

If you wish to support the family a Go Fund Me has been set up in his memory and if you wish to see photos or learn more, the 20 Cent Fiction Alumni group has sought to digging up as many memories as they could in the last week.


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  1. “I Hate Hamlet” ran the summer of 1994. We had a wonderful cast – Matt Viera, Brad Blake, Christina Saad (now Wolfskehl), myself, and Marc… we got Marc to break character the last show. That was hilarious. 😏


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