The JoBros fan base has been “Burnin’ up” for a reunion and they’ve finally got it

By Staff Writer Zach Lunghi.

The former teenage-heartthrob-trio of Disney Channel is now back on the scene after a nearly 6-year long hiatus. Nick, Joe and Kevin introduce their newer sound with latest single “Sucker” which was released on March 1st. This track quickly saw success as it launched to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 playlist. Not only was this their most recent single since 2013’s “First Time” but it’s also their most recent invitation to rub elbows amongst the top 10’ers once again. (As a group of course.)

Prior to the song’s debut, the boys took the break to focus on their individual careers and other projects they wished to pursue.

Nick came out with his single “Chains” in 2014 which marked his entry into the world of solo artistry. However, his second release “Jealous” was the one to find its place among Billboard’s Hot 100.

In 2015, “Cake by the Ocean” was dispersed to the masses and earned multiple top 10 chart spots in varying countries such as Australia, Germany, Canada and, The United States. This song which came from Joe’s new group DNCE also saw a spot in the top 50 for Billboard’s “100 Best Pop Songs of 2016.”

As for Kevin, he spent time away from the stage and shifted his focus from music to family. Kevin married Danielle Deleasa back in the December of 2009. Together they welcomed their daughters Alena and Valentina into the world in. Before the two had arrived, Kevin and Danielle were both on the reality TV show Married to Jonas, produced by Ryan Seacrest.

“Sucker” was written by the Jonas Brothers alongside Ryan Tedder.

Tedder is an accredited singer/songwriter who is most noted for fronting the band One Republic, but he also has an extensive song writing repertoire. Having written for some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Adele, Backstreet Boys, Logic, Beyonce and, many more. Together the band and Tedder worked to revamp the JoBros familiar sound by putting a more mature/modernized twist on it.

The newest track from the group is very reminiscent of what the boys have been up to during their split.

Kevin’s bassline holds plenty of character that resembles Joe’s funk-pop band DNCE and Nick’s vocals make use of his natural raw emotion but delivered under the guise of a catchy pop style.

There are also a lot of characteristics that resemble the likes of One direction or Backstreet boys which are groups Tedder has worked with during previous projects.

Listeners are presented with rotating vocalists so it’s not just one singer throughout.

Making use of Joe or Nick separately and then combining them for the chorus.

Their lyrics convey a very blatant message of being so madly in love with someone that you’d quite literally do anything for them.

Many speculate that the inspiration derives from the marriages and relationships they all currently find themselves in.

Nick sings “I’m feeling heat in December…” during his verse and this could easily by tied to the fact that he married Priyanka Chopra back in December of last year. Joe runs through a pre-chorus of “…dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars…” just to be with someone. Even if it’s not directly related to his engagement with Sophie Turner the theme of being crazy about someone remains prevalent.

The brothers were recently on The Late Late Show with James Corden as part of a promotional run for their new song. Nick described to the viewers how filming a Jonas Brothers documentary was the reason for the reunion to come to fruition.

The film was intended to tell the story of their childhood and then lead into their separate lives but they soon realized that their story was not over. As a result, they got to jamming once again and came out with their first ever number 1-chart topping song.

As for the future of the band, they have confirmed that this song isn’t just a one-off act. They’re here to revisit their roots and continue to work on this project.


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