Shaam-E-Masti: A fun-filled night of entertainment

By Staff Writer Tamendy Raymond.

On Saturday April 13, 2019 the Pakistani Student Association and the Muslim Student Association hosted their Shaam E Masti event in Woodland Commons. First time hosting an event as such, with the fantastic help of the e-board making decorations from scratch, and finally it all coming together in a theme of purple and gold, which took about a month of preparation. It was an elegant gathering that was a way to learn about new cultures through song, food and dance. 

Walking through the doors, right way you are welcomed and greeted.

On display was “Shaam E Masti” in bold writing, meaning fun and entertainment. The bright gold background with the letters, displayed warmth with an inviting atmosphere.  Walking in you quickly grasp the rich aroma of the South Asian cuisine, which allows you to quickly understand that you are in for an experience.

Outside of the room was the line display of foods, and people networking.

There was various rices to choose from, juicy chicken, mouth watering sauces, onions, pita and so many drinks to choose from, it was a great way to start my evening. “The team effort and dedication was the key highlight of the preparation. The part where both e-board members planned and created the roots of the event to such a magnificent transformation of Woodland Commons in a Desi way.
Our teamwork was so phenomenal that we did not have any least experiences or expectations,” states Junior Marketing Major, and President of PSA Osamah Maqsood.

The program included vocal performances by Farooq and Hussain. The South Asian dinner was followed by an open dance floor, where people spent time together dancing to different culturally inclusive music.

Laughter, music and dance gave room for everyone to participate and feel right at home. Faithfully and royally presented the room lit with dim purple lights, allowing a flow of conversation, and gave deeper sense of community.  “We wanted the UMASSD community to experience a diverse and culture rich atmosphere in an innovative way. Especially, with vocal performances and South- Asian Dinner. [We] also want the community to learn a new culture, which is foreseen as rich, colorful, enjoyable and uprising happening,” states Maqsood in a recent interview.

Vice Chair of Student Affairs, Shannon Finning and Director of Diversity and Inclusion David Gomes attended, and it was pleasant to have them there.

Students and faculty gathered of all ages and ethnicities sharing a common joy of happiness, laughter, food, music and dance.

The essentials of a community, ultimately successfully allowed everyone to have a great time.

“We want to instill Pakistani and Muslim culture in the UMASSD community in such a way that everyone feels legitimacy of the occurrence and experience. [We] will continue to contribute and and showcase such events on campus to build the connections stronger, and bring heritage to UMass Dartmouth, because we believe in diversity and inclusion,” says President Maqsood.

It was amazing having the opportunity to experience something new, different and out of my comfort.

Allowing me to understand culture, community and the sense of belonging.

Round of applause to PSA and MSA for creating such an amazing event!


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