A series of struggles for women’s soccer against Eastern Connecticut, Plymouth State

By Contributing Writer Nicole O’Connell Corsair Women’s Soccer extended its losing streak in two hard-fought losses this week. After only one win so far and seven goals total in seven games, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Women’s Soccer team is not having the most groundbreaking season. They triumphed over the Salem State Vikings in early September with a 2-1, the Corsairs’ first game of the season, in fact, but since then have faced successive losses by Springfield, Wellesley, Clark University, Eastern Connecticut, Salve Regina, and Plymouth State. Still, the team should not be looked upon too harshly; efforts are being made by the players. The Corsairs’ home game against the Eastern Connecticut Warriors was held on Saturday the 21st on UMass Dartmouth’s Cressy Field. Considering the Corsairs had scored no goals in the previous three games, this time, it was, at least, a close loss 2-3. Senior UMass Dartmouth player Ella Rath scored both goals, each unassisted. Rath scored the first goal of the day, less than ten minutes into the start of the game. Rath scored the second goal during the second half of the game. The team travelled to Salve Regina on Tuesday the 24th. On their home field in Newport, the Seahawks held off the Corsairs for a Seahawks victory 3-0. Salve Regina player Carah Cote made all three goals. On Saturday the 28th, the Corsairs traveled to Plymouth State. Though a win seemed within their grasp, it turned out to be just out of their reach as the Panthers came out triumphant 4-3. In the first half, sophomore Jillian Prout, unassisted, and Rath, assisted by senior Nerida Montrond, scored goals for the Corsairs. But, the Panthers were not to be outdone; Panthers Taylor Siewierski and Mallory Lloyd also won goals in the first half. The second half started out with a tie, with both teams having two points. The second half also ended with a tie, with both teams now holding on to three points. During the second half, Rath, unassisted, scored yet another goal for the Corsairs, and Sofia Karlsson scored one for the Panthers. No goals were scored in the overtime period, and it was not until second overtime, 109 minutes into the game, that Panther Sarah Hicks scored, earning the Plymouth State win. It may seem hard to stay positive after a six-game losing streak, but the Corsairs recently had close matches against Eastern Connecticut and Plymouth State. They are fighting for wins, despite their overall score. Will this losing streak continue or will the Corsairs be able to come out victorious at least once more this semester? With plenty of games left in October, and even more time in November to change their standing, the season is not over for the UMass Dartmouth Women’s Soccer team. Upcoming games include Saturday Oct 5 against the Connecticut College Camels at 1 p.m., an away game in New London, CT. On Tuesday Oct 8, a home game will be held against the Bridgewater State Bears at 7 p.m. On Saturday the 12th, another home game will be against the Southern Maine Huskies at 1 p.m.

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