In back to back games, desired results weren’t met for Women’s Volleyball

By Contributing Writer Sara Vasquez

On Tuesday evening, Dartmouth Women’s Volleyball Team took a very exciting victory against Bridgewater State, with an ending 3-0. The overall game scores of the match that were played on Tuesday evening were, 25-16, 25-19, 25-15. This game was taken place at the Tripp Athletic Center, which is where all the home games are taken place at.  

The women’s volleyball had amazing touches on the ball during the course of each match. They had a percentage of .216 hitting compared to how only Bridgewater State had -.079. Allowing them to be able to block many of Bridgewater’s balls, by being able to be hands on with the ball during all 3 matches it allowed them to have an amazing Team Stats of 4.0 blocks, 42 Digs and 10 Aces. Which caused the team to have good communication overall, leading to outstanding partnership.  

Unfortunately wanting the women’s volleyball to continue on a positive note, on Saturday October 12, the women’s volleyball team lost two of their home games. Having them currently with a streak of 2. The games ended with Southern Maine winning 3-1 against Umass Dartmouth. With the following game against Smith, Umass Dartmouth unfortunately also lost, with a score of 3-1. However, from the look of the Stats for both Saturday games, during both games the Dartmouth were able to get more digs on the ball than Smith and Southern Maine. However, the hitting average in both games was in between .090 -.093, meaning that they weren’t having enough chances to have full control of the ball, compared to their game earlier that week, where they were in full control during all 3 of their matches.  

Hopefully for the next few games the women’s volleyball team are able to work together as a team in order to bring home a few more victories before the season is completely over. The girls are still fully capable of bringing back at least a few more wins before the season is over, hopefully they are able to work out the miss communications and the flaws in their team, in order to win.  They have a game coming up this week on Wednesday the 16 of October against Rhode Island College at 7:00 pm, which is going to be an away game and they have another one Saturday the 19 of October against Keene State at 12:00 pm.  


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