UMD Women’s Soccer team has stunning victory over Bears

By Contributing Writer Sara Vasquez

On Tuesday evening, Dartmouth Women’s Soccer Team took a very exciting victory against Bridgewater State, with an ending score of 2-1. This has allowed them to win their second game of the season.  

After being tied 1-1, the women’s soccer game ended up going to overtime creating a suspenseful yet exciting atmosphere. Sophomore Sarah Vieira made the golden goal, taking Dartmouth to another victory in their season.  

Dartmouth had full control of the ball for what seemed the entirity of the game; This is shown in the Team Stats. Dartmouth’s women’s soccer team took a total of 9 shots, while Bridgewater State took 10 shots. The team’s communication was very prominent, allowing each member of the team to know what specific play was being run and where they should be positioned. Great communication also allowed higher number of calls for offsides on Bridgewater and how many fouls Bridgewater were given.  

Hoping for the women’s soccer team, to have a winning streak, in order to end the season on a positive note. On Saturday the 13, the women’s soccer team versed Southern Maine, unfortunately suffered a lost, that ended with a soccer of 1-0.  

Junior Cierra Berthiaume, from Windham Maine, made a goal eight minutes into the game, however this goal set the temple for the game. As from the Stats of the game, it seemed like it was a tuff game to play. The Dartmouth had position of the ball, plenty of times and were able to take 15 shots to the goal, unfortunately none of them made it in.  

However, from the Stats I have also noticed that Maine over had the better communication with the team, with both defenses, their goalie and the rest of the team. Which allowed them to soccer eight mins into the game and play hard in order to keep control of the ball. Which also allowed them to play a very strong defense against Dartmouth.  

Dartmouth’s women’s soccer team honestly had a tuff season. They had a total of 12 games and unfortunately, they only won two out of twelve games, this whole season. Even though the soccer team weren’t able to bring home more victories from their Stats, it is noticeable the commitment that their girls had to the game. Allowing them to work hard all season. From majority of the games they played, it looks like it was a close call and pretty tuff games. Even though they only won two games the whole season, the scores weren’t that far off in majority of the games they versed other schools. They suffered a defeat plenty of times but were able to keep majority of the games constant, allowing them to make a few shots that they should be proud off. 


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