Race Against Time: Movie Review of “Greenland.”

Samantha Travis  Staff Writer stravis1@umassd.edu Calling all sci-fi, action junkies. Or anyone staying in on a Friday night looking for a movie that will keep you wondering from the beginning to the end. Ric Roman Waugh’s “Greenland” (2020) is a jarring, nail-biting movie about survival, global disasters, and humanity during desperate times. It may, ironically, not sound too unfamiliar, considering the year that all of … Continue reading Race Against Time: Movie Review of “Greenland.”

Meme Culture Has Become Our Second Language

Izzy Rivera Staff Writer irivera1@umassd.edu In the year 2021, memes have become the way our generation responds to life events. Whether they be catastrophic or everyday things, everyone has a meme response to represent how they feel. If I say to you “What if I told you…” or “One does not simply…” a certain set of images, voice tones, and situations will pop into your … Continue reading Meme Culture Has Become Our Second Language

Combat Sports VS Jake Paul

A.J. Merch Staff Writer amerchant1@umassd.edu Boxing is now a very interesting space. It has now been occupied by the likes of Jake Paul and Logan Paul in recent years. For the most part it is Jake Paul, who is Jake Paul you may ask? Jake Paul, during my middle school years into freshmen and sort of Sophomore year of high school was the era of … Continue reading Combat Sports VS Jake Paul

“Amorphous” Album review

J Engels Staff Writer jengels@umassd.edu Icon for Hire’s new album opens with lead singer Ariel Bloomer  scream-singing that she isn’t “Brittle.” This rejection of fragility, accompanied by a dynamic electronic beat, is our introduction to Bloomer’s persona of an unbreakable rockstar- a  persona that,  within that same opening song, seems to come undone. Soon after the emotionally forceful chorus of “Brittle”, the music slows down … Continue reading “Amorphous” Album review