Who Killed Sara? Review

By: A.J. Merch

Staff Writer

Email: amerchant1@umassd.edu

During my weeks of struggling to find a great show, I struggled for a while. I watched nearly every single Netflix Original that they had on the app. That was until I stumbled upon a foreign show which is Who Killed Sara?, the show is Spanish murder mystery thriller. The show follows Alex who is bent on bringing down the family  that he believes framed him for his sister’s murder. The story was a breath of fresh air because everything about it was great. I felt on the edge of my seat every moment, throughout the series. Even though I watch the English Dubbed, I recommend the original dialogue in Spanish and using English subtitles. I found the series flies fast because it doesn’t do too much of trying to give filler episodes. I found the representation across the board was amazing. I really enjoyed the show, and its twist and turns which leave you thinking and wondering through and through. I find that Alex will make some viewers mad at the things he doesn’t realize throughout the series. I find him to be a very smart but stupid character at times by the choices he does when interacting with other characters. I find that foreign shows are seemingly the best type of Netflix Original. I think the series gives me the vibes of 13 Reasons Why, which shows that there’s more to the story then meets the eye. 

I find stories like this to be extremely enjoyable because you never know what to expect or what’ll happen in the end. After the season finale, I am extremely excited for the next season and what it’ll bring. I still have an open mind in learning more about Alex’s sister Sara because there is so much more to her character. She seems more of a deeper character then what people would expect her to be at all. Her character as the show progress has so much to her character that needs to be divided into much much more. I think that it is very important. I also found that many characters in the show have the same deeper storylines for each character.So you cant even tell the motive of the main suspect because almost everyone has a reason to kill Sara in some way and some form. That makes you question who really had a motive behind what happened to Sara and so forth. I wish more mystery shows can be made by Netflix because those are what is needed by streaming service because it brings in the most views and watchers each time it drops on the streaming service. But that’s beside the point, I will recommend this series to anyone to watch. I think it will be something to keep the mind running on who the potential killer could be and the motive and you’ll start to create new scenarios in the end to what has happened. I personally found it very nerve racking and very much an interesting plot and story line. I hope that it doesn’t go overboard in the next season which is to come.


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