Attendance Soars at In-Person Annual Finance and Accounting Job Fair

By Contributing Writer Sarah Camara [scamara1@umassdtorch

As labor shortages spark conversation across the country, there was no shortage of Charlton  College of Business students seeking employment during the annual Accounting and Finance  Internship Fair held on September 22 in the Library Grand Reading Room. 

Twelve employers and 76 students attended, a huge uptick from last year’s virtual fair which  hosted only 37 students and nine employers. 

“There was a need for Accounting and Finance firms to start to recruit earlier, because of Tax  season in the spring,” said Amelia Alburn, the Director of Experiential Learning and Internship  Development at the UMass Dartmouth Career Center. 

Previously, Accounting and Finance firms were mixed into the Business Engineering and  Technology fair that happens every October. 

The Charlton Women in Business Association alongside UMD’s Accounting and Finance Honor  Society, Beta Alpha Psi, held a preparation workshop on September 14. Charlton College  faculty Marilyn Ardito, Christopher Jacobsen, and Melissa Pacheco discussed best practices  and personal anecdotes surrounding job search. 

“We wanted students to feel as prepared as best they can, given the effect of remote learning  and work.” Melissa Pacheco, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, explained. “This event  gave them an opportunity to ask industry specific questions, given that each member of our  panel has experience in both Accounting and Finance.”  

Employers such as CliftonLarsenAllen and United States Immigration and Customs were in  attendance and greeted the likes of many students who are seeking opportunities such as part time work and internships, in a post-virtual space. 

“The job fair was advertised a lot throughout the Charlton College of Business as well as in an  email chain to all applicable students,” said Sean Fleming (Accounting ‘22) who presides over  (Beta Alpha Psi) and attended the workshop. “…The students that did come made the most out  of their opportunity.” He mentioned that employers at the fair had contacted him afterwards and  he believes that the fair did help him professionally. 

Later this semester, the university will host the Business Engineering and Technology Job Fair  and the Graduate School Fair to aid in student success during their undergraduate years and  beyond.


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