UMass Dartmouth Guest Phases

By Contributing Writer Chris Fragale [cfragale@umassdtorch

On September 15, 2021, Dartmouth Residential Life announced phase two for campus dorms, which will allow residential students to have one person from the same dorm in your room. Social distancing and face coverings are still required for these guests who you choose to come into your space. In upper-classman apartments, all roommates must agree to have the person over. 

According to UMassD Housing and Residential Education emails, dorms will enter phase three, which allows one guest per room from a different residential building, on September 29th and enter phase four, which allows two guests from residential housing into a room, on October 13th

Despite this public schedule, students remain confused about these rules. 

 Theodore Gutwill class of 2023 and Evergreen Hall resident thought the dorms were in “phase 1”, clearly this student does not check updates with their email. 

 “I think the phases are for good reasons”, he said “if we didn’t have phases how long would we stay here not long”. He added, “It is very limiting to the students; students should have a plus one” plus one meaning that each student in a room can have one designated person to allow in your space.

 Maximilian Glick class of 2023 and Evergreen resident knew that dorms had moved to “phase 2”.

 He said that “we should have a registered visitor, get tested before coming into the buildings”. On-demand testing is available on campus but there are no university testing requirements this semester. He added that, “If you go over to Ivy Hall no one over there is following these rules”

 Luke Vankleeff, a freshman on campus living in Spruce remains confused about the COVID reopening phases. He is not following the protocols and has “a lot more than one person” visit his dorm room. He claims the whole freshmen building isn’t following these rules.

He said that there are, “a lot of people sitting in common areas, groups of kids going into other rooms”

Maxwell Mraz, class of 2023 and a RA (residential assistant) in Evergreen Hall, reports multiple cases of students going into spaces where they are not allowed “the phases are dumb, no one is following them”, Ivy Hall is the worst of the upper-classman apartments, “students sneaking in through the fire exit, walking past the student who is on desk duty to sign in residents”. 

While the university may have a plan, it is clear that students are not aware of it.


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