Mass Shooting at Michigan State University Leaves 3 Dead

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On February 13, 2023, at 8:18 PM, there were shots reported at Michigan State University in the Berkeley building. 

The suspect was then on the run for hours, and all students were urged to shelter in place while officials searched for the shooter.  

At around 9:20 PM, shots were reported again, but this time they were at IM East.  

It was then that we learn about the first fatality from the shooting. Sections of campus were cleared, and a photo of the shooter was released.  

The shooter was found dead from a self-inflicted gun wound close to 1:00 AM, and shortly after, the shelter-in-place was released.  

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Throughout the harrowing night, three lives were lost, and five were left in critical condition.

Police later identified the victims of the shooting.

Alexandria (Alex) Verner

Alexandria (Alex) Verner, 20, was a junior studying forensics at MSU. She was a “tremendous student, athlete, leader, and exemplified kindness every day in her life.” 

Her father described her as a “beautiful soul” who made a lasting impact on those she knew.  

Alexandria was an all-state softball player and league MVP in basketball and volleyball in high school.  

Alex Verner (

Brian Fraser

Brian Fraser, 20, was the president of the Michigan Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta at MSU.  He was studying business.  

“As the leader of his chapter, Brian was a great friend to his Phi Delta brothers, the Greek community at Michigan State, and those he interacted with on campus,” the fraternity said in a statement. 

“Phi Delta Theta sends its deepest condolences to the Fraser family, the Michigan Beta Chapter, and all those who loved Brian as they mourn their loss.”

His dad said he was a “good kid” and was “loved by everyone.”  

There is now a Presidential Memorial Scholarship in honor of Brian. The fundraiser will help future Michigan Phi Delta Theta presidents fund their education. It currently has over $100,000 raised.  

His GoFundMe is closed to new donations but garnered over $32,000. All new donations are being asked to go to the scholarship in honor of him.   

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Arielle Anderson

Arielle Anderson, 19, was a former junior cadet with hopes of becoming a pediatrician one day. 

She was described as “kind, loving, caring, compassionate and driven” by her grandmother, April Davis.  

Her uncle, Tim Davis, describes her as “just sweet and innocent. She just stayed innocent her whole life. She was soft-spoken. Always helpful. In my opinion, she was just perfect the way she conducted herself,” he told the newspaper.

“She had great manners and was respectful. She was very smart, a straight-A student. I’m pretty sure you will hear that from everybody.”

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The five survivors found in critical condition are healing gradually. One is in fair condition, two are in stable but serious condition, and the remaining two are still in critical condition.  

One of the survivors is Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez. Her family is still in need of financial assistance. She is suffering from two bullet wounds that impacted five major organs. Huapilla-Perez is from south Florida and is a junior Hospitality Business major. Her GoFundMe has over $400,000 raised and over 10.7k donors.  

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Ways to Help Survivors and Families

GoFundMe to Help Feed Families of MSU’s Hospitalized Students: Support and pay for meals for the families who are in the hospital supporting the survivors.

GoFundMe for Aimee Barajas, Dispatcher During the MSU Shooting: Support Aimee Barajas, the dispatcher during the shooting. She handled the tragedy with composure and did a fantastic job guiding those who needed her.

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