The New Sam Adams Beer is Illegal 

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Sam Adams, the popular American beer company, has revived its expensive ultra-high alcohol content beer, “Utopia,” which is currently illegal in 15 states.

Sam Adams has made over 20 different flavors and types of beers over the years, yet this one takes the cake. Coming in at a whopping $240 per 24.5-ounce bottle, this fine beer attempts what few others have and offers a finer taste in the beer category. 

But is this beer worth buying, and what about it makes it so unique?

The Samuel Adams website describes the beer as “extreme barrel-aged beer that pushes the limits.”

And it certainly does push the limit! This fine beer has an astounding alcohol percentage of 28%, which has caused it to become problematic in certain states.

According to a review of the initial release of this beer in 2021 by The Gnarly Gnome, “there is nothing like it on the planet.”

“Layers upon layers of bold but nuanced flavors await the drinker. You can enjoy a bottle of this an ounce at a time for years.” mused The Gnarly Gnome.

The taste is exquisite, and the bottle’s display makes the customer feel rich and fancy. With a decorated outside and a genie bottle look, there is no shortage of magic surrounding this product.

The bottle has been previously described as bond and unique, having been one of the firsts to make such a high-caliber and extraordinarily alcoholic beer.

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Where can you find or even get a taste of this beer?

According to, you will likely find it in any of the stores in the 35 states that allow the distribution of this beer. You can also find it on tap “for the first time ever — at the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Tap Room on Nov. 15.”

The fifteen states that DO NOT allow this beer to be sold are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia.”

This beer will be in rotation every two years, following the previous release of Utopia in 2021.

Markets Insider notes that the creation of this distinguished beer is unique, starting with it being “Brewed in Ohio, Aged in Pennsylvania, Blended in Massachusetts, Bottled in Delaware.”

This was done to bring together the facilities and make it a “true community effort,” according to the official Samuel Adams company website.

Another level of uniqueness is that each bottle is given a number corresponding to the number in which a brewer was hired. This order goes from #1, spanning from the founder and creator, Jim Koch, to every other employee who helped create this peerless beer.

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When looking at the Utopia on Samuel Adams’ official page, a few additives have been utilized to enhance the beer’s flavor, smell, and appearance.

Such additives come in two varieties: malt and hops. The malt varieties include Pale, Munich, and Caramel 60. The hop varieties include Halltertau Mittelfrueh, Spalt Spalter, and Tettnang Tettnanger.

These are meant to intensify the taster’s experience and enjoyment of the finely aged beer.

All the beers have been significantly aged in barrels, set aside for multiple years, some for over three decades!

According to Samuel Adams, the casks in which the beer is left are specifically made and crafted to “deepen the final flavor.”

With no worry of spoilage, this beer can truly be enjoyed for years after being purchased.

Of course, there are a few drinking instructions that you are more than welcome to follow, as listed on the official page. They list the types of food pairings that work well, portion amounts, glassware, and flavors you can expect to taste when trying it.

Some foods listed include clam chowder, finely cooked steak, and a dessert like a pineapple upside-down cake. However, these are only suggestions, and the drink can be enjoyed by itself.

They also suggest using their 4 oz Utopia drinking glass, which is sold separately from the bottle.

Indeed, it is the wine of beers, if ever there was one, as this is an experience to enjoy and revel in for as long as they are around.

Of course, there is a limited supply as only so much can be brewed and aged at a time. If you happen to miss out on this year’s edition, this popular beer will return in 2025.


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