Scholarship Established in Memory of Carlin Lynch

To honor Carlin Lynch’s commitment to area students, his family and friends have established the Carlin Lynch Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts.    “Carlin spent his life championing the greater good and creating opportunities for those in need.  We are humbled and grateful by the outpouring of support following his passing, and look forward to continuing his legacy of service,” his family … Continue reading Scholarship Established in Memory of Carlin Lynch


By: Tom Lindberg, President DECA What is DECA? If you are a student here at UMass Dartmouth, you can benefit from DECA. DECA is a professional development club that meets on Tuesdays in CCB 149 from 5-6pm. The goal of the club is to help members become career ready and to give students more exposure to a professional setting outside of what you learn in … Continue reading DECA

Food Waste Highlighted by Project Clean Plate

BY: CAROLINE QUIRK Contributing Writer Up to 40% of the food in the United States is never eaten, yet one in eight Americans struggle to put food on the table each night. This is why the Sustainability Initiative puts on Project Clean Plate every semester. Food waste is a huge problem in the world but particularly in US. Every single scrap of food that was … Continue reading Food Waste Highlighted by Project Clean Plate

It’s food: Dunkin’ releases “beyond meat” sausage 

By Arts & Entertainment Editor Sawyer Pollitt  Dunkin’ Donuts, or just Dunkin’ as they have rebranded themselves, released the “Beyond Meat Sausage” this month. Is it good? Should you care about it? As one of the Torch’s resident vegetarians, I feel like I can speak on this topic with some degree of authority.   It was a wet and cold Sunday morning when I pulled up … Continue reading It’s food: Dunkin’ releases “beyond meat” sausage 

Why is the DNC so Cringy? 

By Opinion and Editorial editor James Mellen   If you have been following this DNC primary cycle like have, then your brain has most likely been completely destroyed from the utter pointlessness of it all. There are 15 identical candidates, then there’s Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Marianne Williamson, and Andrew Yang. This is not to say that any of those four candidates are good, it is … Continue reading Why is the DNC so Cringy? 

On conspiracies, 

By Opinion & Editorial Editor James Mellen My dad believes that if you read every seventh letter of the book of Revelations in the Bible, it actually predicts the holocaust. If you think that sounds insane, that’s because it is. However, growing up in such an environment has made me naturally more curious about conspiracy theories than other people. Currently, I suffer from a terminal … Continue reading On conspiracies, 

JUUL mint pods: Another type of pod you shouldn’t consume 

By Staff Writer Eric Sousa    Last week, JUUL released a statement of intent to pull all mint JUUL pods from the market. This was in response to newly released data from the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey. This prompt decision was heralded in before the FDA’s official ban on these ‘fun’ flavors that target underage clientele.  This decision began to unfold with the 2019 National … Continue reading JUUL mint pods: Another type of pod you shouldn’t consume