Damn, Kendrick

By Andrew Tyrrell, Editor-in-Chief On April 16, the Pulitzer Prize winners were announced by Columbia University, who have been handling the awards for now over a century. In may categories, particularly in journalism, there were few surprises. The New York Times received three awards, including one for Public Service for their reporting on the Me Too movement; they shared the award with The New Yorker. … Continue reading Damn, Kendrick

Debt free college? It’s possible

By Andrew Tyrrell, Editor-in-Chief Last Thursday, March 22, Senator Brian Schatz, a Democrat from Hawaii, officially announced his Debt-Free College Act. Senator Schatz, along with 32 other members of Congress, hope that the bill can alleviate the financial burden placed on young college students across the country. Schatz’s plan aims to be more holistic towards the issue of student debt than the more popular tuition … Continue reading Debt free college? It’s possible

The truth will out

By Andrew Tyrrell, Editor-in-Chief I’m tired. It’s only been a year since Donald Trump took office, but it feels like two terms. It’s just been jam-packed with crap every single day. In an endless news cycle, the Trump presidency has been infinite. Political debates have become more of a chore than ever. There are still sane conservatives, I assure you. One of them works for … Continue reading The truth will out

The Cathedral, Part 2

By Andrew Tyrrell, Editor-in-Chief “I was at a friend’s apartment, one of the tenements down the street,” Mark began, neglecting to tell the priest that this person was more than a friend. “We were watching some movies, and having a few beers.” The priest nodded knowingly when Mark mentioned the beers. It had actually been wine over a nice dinner, and a romp in the … Continue reading The Cathedral, Part 2