How the campus construction makes me feel

by Brian Sousa, Opinions & Editorials Editor

In my three years here at UMass Dartmouth, things have either gone smoothly or have been cumbersome.

Take for example, the recent changes to both parking, dining, and the Campus Quad project. The campus construction is no doubt something that the University needs to address, as the steam lines that have been around for many years needed to be fixed.

Fixing those underground issues would cause major complications in the future – that I completely understand.

However, since my arrival on campus two weeks ago, I have seen campus construction daily. This barrage of constant drilling, banging, and thrashing has made me crazy. Walking around the fences to get to your classes also isn’t fun.

No longer can I wait outside for my classes to start when I have a thirty-minute break. No longer can I enjoy the landscape of a once somewhat beautiful scene.

Even after the construction is over, we will still have fences up. Part of me feels as if there has always been a fencing of sorts in that area of campus.

But when I think this, I realize that I am being irrational. This construction project has to happen, and I’m sure it will worthwhile once it is completed. The part that bothers me the most about this is that the extension to the Charlton College of Business went by without issue.

I mean, they built an entire building in less than a year. Things seemed to go very smoothly for that massive project, but for the Campus Quad, I remember some sort of fencing or construction happening there ever since I was a freshman.

It is slightly depressing to think that most of my time here I haven’t seen a complete campus – only bits and pieces being completed here and there.

At the end of the day, we can only hope that once the bulldozers have left, once the fences are gone, our campus will look beautiful again.

Photo Courtesy: Brian Sousa


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