What you should be watching: The CW

by Sebastian Moronta Blanco, Staff Writer

At this point, most of us are either sick of seeing superheroes on nearly every screen around, or can’t get enough. If you’re in the latter camp, consider flipping the channel to the CW.

The CW’s original programming includes Jane The Virgin, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries, but the bulk of their programming comes in the form of superhero-based content.

The CW is the veritable home of superheroes on TV, now boasting four series based on characters from the DC universe. The first of the lineup, Arrow, follows Oliver Queen, a playboy presumed dead and marooned on an island for five years after his yacht is lost at sea.

Five years change Queen, and after his return to his beloved Starling City, he sees its deplorable state of affairs and resolves to clean up the city using his incredible fortune and his newly-minted skills with a bow and arrow.

Arrow is first and foremost a crime drama. Gloomy and gritty, the show takes a darker tone than the rest of the CW’s programs do, examining the darker themes that come with heroism, like dealing with tragedy and the worth of life.

Quite frankly, the show doesn’t hit its stride until the second season, but the first season does have its moments. Once it picks up though, the show can be a thriller in its own right.

Following Arrow’s success after its first season, the showrunners introduced a new character that would later go on to get his own series on the same network: Barry Allen, better known as the Flash.

Barry Allen is a crime scene investigator who was struck by lightning under fairly unique circumstances, granting him a host of new powers and making him the fastest man alive.

The Flash, arguably the best show on the roster, is a light-hearted, powerfully performed weekly gem. In a world where Superman and Batman can spend two and a half hours on a screen and never smile, this show reminds viewers that superheroes were meant to be fun and inspiring.

The characters are incredibly likable and relatable, and the show has tons of fun with science, heroism, and most recently, the Multiverse.

After two seasons of The Flash, and four seasons of Arrow, side characters with incredible abilities and little screen time began to pile up, so the network unveiled a third super show: Legends of Tomorrow.

A team of heroes, recruited by a time traveler, is tasked with traveling through time and thwarting the plans of an immortal militant hell-bent on world domination.

If you’re looking for the Avengers every week, you may want to give Legends of Tomorrow a shot.

A team comprised of both heroes and villains, the show creates an interesting dynamic that stays fresh throughout the twenty-three episode seasons. Centered around time travel, it plays with significant time periods well and has a sense of adventure about it that feels very Doctor Who.

The final show on the CW’s super-show roster is the newly added Supergirl. The show aired is first season this past year on CBS, but has since moved to the CW to air its second season in the coming weeks.

Supergirl follows Kara Zor-el, Superman’s cousin from Krypton. Sent originally to protect Superman while he grew up on Earth, Kara was lost in space for several years before making it to Earth to discover that Superman needed no protection.

Kara grows up and assumes the name Kara Danvers, and lives out a normal life before following in her cousin’s footsteps and becoming Supergirl to fight injustice and protect the innocent.

Supergirl is held up by the powerful (and frankly adorable) actress Melissa Benoist in the title role. Her performances as both the in-disguise Kara Danvers as well as Supergirl are exceptional to the point of tear-shedding at the sadder scenes.

Fan favorites like Jimmy Olson and Martian Man-Hunter play large roles, and the show promises an appearance from Superman in the new season.

Each of these shows not only lives in the DC Universe, but exists in the same television universe as well. The events in all four shows occur in the same world, and it is for that reason that the shows easily overlap.

The Flash, Green Arrow, and the other heroes crossover into the network’s other shows frequently, while still maintaining their show’s originality and independence.

What makes this upcoming TV season so exciting is that The Flash will be featuring an incredibly popular storyline known as Flashpoint, and without spoiling it, promises to be a universe-wide event, with ripples across the entire network’s lineup.

Overall, the showrunners and executives at The CW prove through their work that they respect the source material and care about their fandoms. Their collective work is incredible, and the consistency with which they churn out quality content speaks to the talent and resolve the showrunners possess.

Each show returns for its next season in October, The Flash kicking it off on October 4, Arrow October 5, Supergirl October 10, and Legends of Tomorrow on October 13.

Once each show gets rolling you can catch these shows each night on the CW (or the next day on the CW website) Monday through Thursday every week. The first few seasons of each show (except Legends of Tomorrow) are available on Netflix.

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