Upcoming Theatre at UMass Dartmouth

By Contributing Writer Nicole O’Connell As UMass Dartmouth begins another semester, it also begins another season of theatre. Both the UMass Dartmouth Theatre Company and 20 Cent Fiction Production Company are preparing to bring some excitement to campus in their upcoming seasons. The UMass Dartmouth Theatre Company’s 12th Annual Broadway will be held in early November. Kenzi Farland, UMass Dartmouth Theater Company’s secretary and Reilly … Continue reading Upcoming Theatre at UMass Dartmouth

“I’m in pierogi paradise” – Guy Fieri

By Staff Writer Kira Bruce On Friday, September 6th, I went out to Patti’s Pierogis for some delicious Polish food! The place was packed, for a small restaurant. They do have a reasonably sized parking lot but all the spots in the area around the restaurants were taken. The restaurant was really busy when I arrived at about 7 o’clock. There were no tables available … Continue reading “I’m in pierogi paradise” – Guy Fieri

Post Mallone “Hollywood’s Bleeding”

By Staff Writer Megan Sullivan Austin Richard Post, otherwise known as Post Malone, is a contemporary young singer, songwriter, and record producer, born in New York in 1995, but raised in Grapevine, Texas. His father, Rich Post, is responsible for his talented son’s interest for many genres of music, and clearly the rest is history. Post Malone has had an interest in music since childhood, … Continue reading Post Mallone “Hollywood’s Bleeding”

New Bedford art museum presents ‘some things we can do together’

By Staff Writer Eric Sousa The New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks! caught me by surprise for two reasons. One, I was surprised to find it was a street away from several of my favorite downtown NB eateries, but somehow I never entered it before. Two, nobody warned me that the exhibits presented by the museum start the very millisecond you walk through the door. I was … Continue reading New Bedford art museum presents ‘some things we can do together’

Have you seen IT?

By Michaela Gates, Staff Writer Stephen King’s IT (2017), directed by Andres Muschietti is a riveting thrill ride that keeps you glued to the front of your seat. IT certainly has its fair share of jump scares, as does every horror movie. However, Bill Skarsgard puts on an amazing performance as the main villain, Pennywise the Dancing Clown that made every scene he was in horrifying.  … Continue reading Have you seen IT?

What’s new at the New Bedford Art Museum?

By Jonathan Perreira, Staff Writer Many CVPA students are familiar with taking the Loop to-and-from the Star Store Campus in New Bedford. The Star Store offers a beautiful but moderately sized museum of art pieces on its main floor.  But if you’re looking for a larger experience to consume some art, consider taking a quick walk from the Star Store to the New Bedford Art … Continue reading What’s new at the New Bedford Art Museum?

Cult classic Heathers coming to UMassD

By Jonathan Perreira, Staff Writer Heathers is a classic film, a black comedy cast from high school drama, and it’s finally coming down to UMass Dartmouth. On Monday, September 11, 20 Cent Fiction, one of the two theater companies based out of the school,  held auditions to cast the right actresses and actors for the excellent musical adaptation. The story is a musical version of … Continue reading Cult classic Heathers coming to UMassD