5th Annual Drag Show a major success


By Alex Solari, Staff Writer

If anyone has seen shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race or has been to any gay bars, then you are very well aware of the magical land of drag queens and kings.

But in case you didn’t know, a drag queen/king is a person who presents themselves as the opposite gender of what they identify with, for entertainment purposes.

A drag show is an event where these amazing people are able to express themselves and entertain us all!

On Thursday October 13, UMass Dartmouth hosted the 5th Annual Drag Show, starring Complete Destruction and co-host “Mama” Savannah Georgia.

As Tess Tosterone, the event coordinator said, “It was the most important, most cultured event of the semester. If you didn’t come, you missed out.”

The show consisted of amazing performances by drag kings and queens such as Sweet Cheeks, Tropical Storm, and Danny Van Dyke.

Each performer sang and danced to catchy tunes with high energy and killer dance moves: and that’s what makes a great drag show.

The show wasn’t exactly PG, with vibrant “Mama” proclaiming that “This college f**kin’ rocks!” and “I am the UN of gay sex!”

The night was filled with belly laughs and awesome entertainment, and it’s clear that the performers put in great effort to put this event on.

Complete Destruction spoke about her experience getting into drag, saying “I actually [went to school] here, and in the October of my Freshman year, I went to a goth club and I didn’t feel comfortable going in regular clothes.”

She went on to explain that after wearing makeup and extravagant clothes to this club, she started to dress in drag. “This is my 7th year going in drag, and but my 5th year performing.”

“Mama” Georgia says that there was a time she was straight. She told The Torch that many years ago she went to a Halloween party dressed in drag, and someone saw her and booked her for “right away.” Since then, she said she’s “been doing it for 25 years.”

Georgia said, “I helped the girls learn how to perform, how to walk, how to work on stage.” According to the performers, they prepared for this event for two months, and with the help of “Mama” and others, they were able to perform with confidence.

Despite the performance preparation work that went on for two months, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes aside from performance. Tess Tosterone explains, “The nails are the hardest part. [Drag] is very expensive.” Georgia agrees, saying, “It’s not easy doing drag.”

In addition to the fun the audience has watching the performers, the drag queens and kings benefit from the experience as well. Geo Giovanni, a Senior Nursing major who performed as a drag king in the show said, “I enjoy being a stage performer. It allows me to explore different parts of myself.”

When asked about their favorite parts of performing, Complete Destruction said, “I want to take people into a moment, a journey.” Georgia added, “I like the interaction with the audience” and went on to say “Drag can change people’s lives.

According to Tess Tosterone, the event will most likely take place next year in mid-October, as it has for the past few years.

Anyone is welcome to audition for the show, and information on auditions will be available in the Fall of 2017.

Complete Destruction urges those interested to go audition for the show, and gives her advice, saying, “If you think about it too much, you won’t do it.”

During final interview questions on the experience, three-time performer Geo Giovanni said, “My freshman year I missed out. I should’ve been here, but I wasn’t. If you want to audition, just do it.”

Auditions for next year’s drag show will take place in September, and inquiries can be taken to the SAIL Office either in person or by email.

Photo Courtesy: Lauren Medeiros


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