Letter to the Editor: My version of a somewhat perfect world

By Benjamin Resendes, Contributing Writer

Millions of Americans simultaneously sighed with relief as this year’s third presidential debate has come to a close.

With Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders and Republican nominee John Kasich leading the political charge; the two have been a non-stop force, rallying more Americans to participate in this year’s election than ever before in recent recorded history.

America has found itself divided yet working together to figure out which political candidate would best suit the needs of the nation, and its allies abroad. The two nominees have been a breath of fresh air for many, who look back to the primaries and wonder how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump almost made it on the presidential ticket.

Having avoided what some would call a national travesty, we as a country turn now to look to the future. This is not to say that there hasn’t been pushback between the Republican and Democratic parties over what some may call “hot topics.”

Many democrats have found themselves opposing Kasich’s stance on abortion, drug policy and religion in education; while many republicans find themselves against Sander’s liberal stance on economics, immigration and foreign policy.

While there is much to say about these candidates, what no one can question is their temperament and qualifications as a leader for the American people and free world. During the last three presidential debates the two candidates have been able to successfully answer every question thrown at them without appearing rude or scripted to the audience.

Many people find themselves torn as to which candidate they wish to choose this year, as the usual focus is taken off the fault of a two party system and re-invested in the issues at hand that will affect citizens on a personal and communal level. With the debates at a close, the country waits with held-breath to see who will become the next president of the United States of America.


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