Thanksgiving traditions

by Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

We have reached November, which means it is time to get ready for the holidays and most students are hitting the long road home for Thanksgiving with the family.

Family and friends travel far and near to be with the ones they love at this time of year. The aromas of turkey and all the fixings fill the fall air, and family traditions come together to create those special memories.

Traditions are one of the best parts about Thanksgiving and they hold a special place in my heart. Those special times are something many look forward to, it’s what makes the holidays the “holidays.” Traditions can be big, small, or even silly, but one thing they have in common is they all create those memories you will forever cherish.

If you are looking to add on some traditions to your own holiday season or need a reminder to hold on to those created, I share with you some of the most popular ones my family and I do each year.

Each year my family and I cherish the time of Thanksgiving to spend quality time together. The day before Thanksgiving my mom and I will always cook and bake together, sending the kitchen up in a fuse of mouthwatering smells and dishes covering every inch of our kitchen.

Cooking together is important because not only are you learning about your culture, you are also spending time with each other and bringing something your hands made together to the table. No one should be alone in the kitchen and left to cook the holiday dinner by themselves.

Making the pies would have to be my favorite. My mom’s traditional homemade pumpkin pie is my all-time favorite. The homemade old fashioned graham cracker crust, with an authentic pumpkin spice custard filling leaves me licking my chops each year.

We always put on Christmas music and put on the Hallmark Channel for some Thanksgiving movies favorites, while baking together. We also tackle the turkey as we stuff and rub it with seasonings of savory delight.

Many families like mine have everyone bring a family-famous dish that comes together to complete the perfect Thanksgiving table. Mom’s turkey and pies, Grandma’s stuffing, Auntie’s dinner rolls, and the list could go on and on; it emits the love that is brought to the table.

Traditional foods are different depending on nationality and culture. Lucky enough, I get the best of both worlds: I have the Portuguese and French. The variety of stuffing, green bean casseroles, cranberry sauces, side dishes, and desserts are the best.

The alarm won’t ring on Thanksgiving day, but the overnight cooking of the turkey will stir our sleep, with the smell of the fall-off-the-bone meat that has been cooking.

Another family favorite that I’m sure is one of yours too is gathering around the television to watch the legendary Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There is nothing like seeing the floats hover on by and the celebrities sing their hearts out with the start of the Christmas seasons carols.

Many people travel for the holiday and fun family-oriented car games are sure to make the time pass.

Some years we will travel to my Mom’s or Dad’s side of the family. Playing the license plate game is always a favorite, as travelers from all over are readily awaiting to arrive to their destinations. Don’t forget to put on the Christmas tunes on radio station Lite Rock 105. They will be rocking out to the classics!

Playing football is another favorite activity for family and friends. Even though I don’t play much football myself, it is always fun to toss the ball around in the colorful foliage. Plus, there’s always a football game to watch on TV.

A recent tradition my family and I started a few years ago was putting up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning while sipping a cup of creamy hot chocolate.

Now that we have a beautiful big fake tree, we don’t have to wait to put up our tree. This is another all-time favorite of mine because it marks the start of the holiday season, and putting up the tree sparks that holiday cheer and laughter.

The best part of Thanksgiving is when we come together and gather at the table and give thanks for everything we are blessed for. We each bring something to the table, we all come together as a family, the clock stops ticking, and the hustle and bustle of each day is put at ease.

In light of Thanksgiving, I challenge you to go and create those holiday memories and partake in those traditions that make your family unique and special. Traditions are important and are what keeps family bonded and going for years and years to come.

Be thankful for those times and memories you share, because some don’t have what we do. Now go get your tradition on and I wish you a very happy Corsair Thanksgiving.

Photo Courtesy: Mercy College


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