Lost in the drawing: Artist spotlight on Faith Poirier

Faith Poirier
Lost - Faith Poirier
By Kristen Botas, Contributing Writer
We all like to doodle in our notebook during class when we’re suppose to be paying attention (oops sorry) but can we really draw? Let’s face it, drawing is hard and it requires a special set of skills. Local UMass Dartmouth artist, Faith Poirier, has proven that she posses those skills that we all desperately desire. Faith Poirier is a first year illustration major from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, specializes in graphite drawings. What inspired the artist to pursue a life of art and drawing? “My sister always used to draw when I was little, she’s seven years older than me, and I just stuck with it, but my biggest inspiration was my grandmother. When she was going to college she wanted to be an artist but it was more popular for woman at the time to pick between teaching, nursing or a secretary. My grandmother chose nursing”  Poirier said. It is amazing how family helps shape who we are today. “Lost,” a favorite of the artist, is a charcoal figure drawing of a man pondering on brown paper. It is an interpretation of a model named “Walter.” Poirier has “hopes to evoke an feeling with this piewce, possibly that the viewer could be or is that person.” What does the artist hope to inspire in others through her piece “Lost?” “The idea of someone trying to find something or themselves. [The figure is] dreaming of trying to find something that needs to be fulfilled.” It is true though, at some point or another during the duration of our lives we have felt lost. We have felt at a loss of words, a loss of a loved one. We have felt lost in a major or minor decision. We have felt lost by simply driving to a new place. But sometimes, it feels good to get lost. It feels good to get lost in our feelings. It feels good to get lost in the music. It is good to get lost through art. It is all about a persons’ perception about the term of “getting lost” either good or bad. What does the artist prefer to draw? “ I prefer to draw people. I really like figures and how the body works and just feel the bod out to create the perfect masterpiece.” Poirier wants to encourage others to also get into an art that we enjoy. The artist believes “We all have so many perspectives of the world and I think we should all show them.” She continued, saying “I think art helps people find themselves in a way.” What does the artist hope to accomplish through her art? “ I want to change something in the world. I want to make people think and open the minds and eyes of people to something else. There is so much art already out there and I want to keep pushing the limits to further peoples’ mindsets. I feel as if art pulls out what matters in life” said Poirier. When the artist isn’t drawing, you can catch her in the pool competing for the UMass Dartmouth women’s swimming and diving team, participating in the events of freestyle and breaststroke. Poirier also describes herself as “one with nature,” and you can also catch her either snowboarding down the slopes or hiking the mountains. Poirier feels as if “nature inspires you as a person and helps keep you level headed.” With no work officially published, Poirier hopes to “make murals for different places and people.” “I use to make murals and posters for friends, family friends, local teachers from my town, birthday parties and such. I hope to be able to continue that in the future.” said the artist. To contact Faith Poirier about her artwork or to request to view her drawings feel free contact her through her Facebook or Instagram.
Photo Courtesy: Portrait of Faith Poirier by Faith Poirier; Lost by Faith Poirier

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