The February warmth did not signal our impending doom

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By Zack Downing, Staff Writer

The weekend before last, Massachusetts and a lot of the rest of New England reached the mid 60 degree range, which is unheard of for this time of year. Thousands of people took advantage of the weather, going out hiking and sunbathing in shorts for a rare February excursion.

However, there were some that weren’t cheered up at all by the fun in the sun. Many worried souls claimed that the unexpected warmth was a horrible sign, a signal that global warming was coming for us like the train from Unstoppable. How could everyone be enjoying the temperature when polar bears are clinging to their last breaths?

I was wearing shorts on those warm days like everyone else, and I didn’t have a care in the world. That’s because I know that a warm stretch of weather is not a big deal.

Now, I’m no global warming denier. The fact is, each year in succession has been slightly warmer than the last, and that is surely something to be concerned about in the far future. That future is very, very far away.

Our great-great-great-great-grandchildren may possibly have to deal with the very real, nightmarish, terrifying scenario that most U.S. beaches will be 5 feet thinner. Global warming will not be a significant worry for another thousand years or so. By then, I’m confident that the earth’s best minds will have a solution.

That solution might come in the form of desalinating ocean water to draw it into lakes and drinking springs, or it might come in the form of, I don’t know, more air conditioning. By the time ocean waters rise enough for people to start worrying, we’ll all be dust.

“But what about 65 degree weather in February,” people cry. “Doesn’t that indicate climate change is coming faster than expected?” Not at all.

Boston hit 71 degrees on a certain day for the first time in 146 years, which sounds like a reason to worry about the direction the climate is heading. That statistic also means that in 1871, it also hit 71 degrees on the same day. Nobody was worried about the polar bears back then.

Flukes in weather are not uncommon, a few hot or cold days aren’t any reason to worry.

A couple years ago, it was 49 degrees in June on one of my last days of school, and nobody was worried about an ice age. If every day in February was in the 60s, then there would be something wrong.

Summers haven’t even been brutally hot, it rarely tops 90 degrees around here. A dozen 100 degree days in a summer would be alarming, but that never happens

I, for one, hope warmer days like that come up more often.

I enjoyed pretending it was summer a month after winter break, and a state like Massachusetts could use a warmer spring. Global warming is an issue, and will start creating problems with melting in a millennium or two.

Right now, it’s 2017, and people are worrying that the atmosphere is heating up too much for us to handle. We’re all scared of mild weather. I can’t do anything to fix the ozone, and my life won’t be plagued by melting icebergs. I want hot days in January. Bring it on.

Photo Courtesy: WCVB Channel 5 Boston


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