UMass Dartmouth to start their very first official Ding Dong Ditch Team

By Kristen Botas, Contributing Writer

Come join the Umass Dartmouth’s first official Ding Dong Ditch Team ever in history. The first meeting is located in Larts 119 at 6:30 on Monday, April 3, 2017.

The team is a student based lead co-ed program. The goal for these ding-dong ditchers is to compete in the Ding Dong Ditch World Cup located in Montreal, Canada in the Summer of 2017.

There is no past experience needed to join, just come try it out, but once you start you will not be allowed to stop.

The team was started by an anonymous group of students that call themselves “The Torchers.” The group supposedly goes against other teams on campus in the middle of the night to compete in secret matches.

One member of “The Torchers”  that prefers to be called “Big Balla El Fuego Wintra”  to hide her true identity explained to me on how the rules of the game works.

“Each and every game starts at mid-night sharp and varies from day to day. If you show up at 12:01 or later to the game you will be forced to compete in all neon clothes and a pair of underpants on your head. So show up on time or deal with it,” said Big Balla El Fuego Wintra.

“Then, once everyone is accounted for in each team and the teams are even we’ll start the game. The goal is to ding dong ditch as many doors and not get caught. If one does get caught they will lose 10 points each time. Every door ding dong ditched is worth 5 points and you need a baseline of 110 points total to move onto the next round.”

The point system of the game was explained in more detail accordingly:

“For each classic ding dong ditched door you will receive 5 points. For each door silly stringed the team will receive 10 points.  For each door egged your team will receive 12 points. For every door left with flaming bags of poop left at the front door step your team will receive 50 points. (The flaming bags of poop can only be used once per game).”

“If someone on your team is caught your team will lose 10 points each time and each player must have a phone videotaping attached to their body. If they do not they are not allowed to claim points or will automatically be disqualified hence the opposing team will automatically win and advance to the next round,” Said Big Balla El Fuego Wintra

Big Balla El Fuego Wintra shows to not reveal when the next match will be but has revealed that “The Torchers” will be competing next against “The Dirty Bananas.”

This is a traveling team and just as other sports teams, like soccer or hockey, they do travel all over the country against other colleges and universities. The game of Ding Dong Ditching has spread it’s popularity worldwide.


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