Selfie Queen, duh: Artist Spotlight on ME


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By Kristen Botas, Contributing Writer

So like obviously I’m doing this article on me because why not? I’m awesome (At least my grandma thinks so, whatever). Well, anywho some people say that taking selfies isn’t art. Well those people are dead wrong OMG!

So like I’m a junior English major here at UMass Dartmouth. I was born and raised in New Beige and my craft is Selfies and I specialize in like Snapchat filters.

My all-time fav filter has to be the puppy filter because it can like make anyone look totes cute!

I like to take generally about 20-30 selfies at one time. When I want to post my work on the gram, got that set up straight to Facebook, aka double the likes on my selfies, I like choose the best selfie out of them all, so hard because like they’re all so good.

Some selfies are better than others but like they’re all pretty bomb.

  I take selfies very seriously like omg ask my mom she’ll totes tell you all about it! She’s always like “Omg Kristen get off your phone I don’t want to take a selfie with you! Stop kid you’re so annoying ugh.”

Well Mom I love you too! Ugh, she’s like um so inspiring and supportive of my art omg!

Or when I go out with my friends I like always have to take a selfie and post it to show all you haters that I’m still on top!

Sorry not sorry.

If you don’t like my selfies the de-friend and unfollow button is always there. Act like I care.

I feel like my biggest challenge while I selfie is finding the right lighting and outfit and sometimes my hair isn’t on point but my brows are always on fleek.

I mean seriously if I don’t do them they look like a little fuzzy caterpillar crawling across my face, like ew. Ugh, gross.

So ladies and gents try to keep your brows on fleek pretty please you’ll thank me later!

I’m like totally so inspired by all of you people of the world! Like keep selfie-ing because ya’ll look so cute OMG! GET IT GIRL OHHHH!

So like this has to be one of my all-time fav selfies I ever took! I like to call it “ My inner Grandpa.”

You know sometimes I like to take ridiculous selfies of myself because I even look cute in that one too.

I’m using the grandpa filter in this selfie because like um I think it’s super funny and like um make it like look cute duh. Like I literally can’t even!

I just really want people to look at my selfies and be like A: “Omg where did she get that outfit?” or B: “ ugh, what?”. It’s all about how I’m feeling that day tbh.

One day I hope to like be able to be like Kim K and her  Selfish  book and get my own book of my selfies published but like so much better.

Sorry Kim not sorry Kim. Like, why are you even famous anyways.  Oh wait, nevermind. Ha Ha awkward turtle.

So like I have a message for all ya’ll selfie lovers out there. “Get it girl. Ohhhhh. You do you BooBoo and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Pshh you’re fab. And keep selfieing. ”

To hit me up for some details on my selfies or if you just wanna talk or something feel free to talk to me #followme on the gram: kristenbotas or facebook me : Kristen Botas or like snap me  your best selifies at kbotas6.

I like don’t do twitter because I just don’t understand it. Oh Well. Bye. XOXO.

Photo Courtesy: Selfie Queen


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