Escape to the mountains of North Conway, N.H.

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By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

The sun is out, the days are longer and the flowers are in full bloom.
You know what that means: it’s time to take a road trip and have yourself a much-deserved vacation.

Our forecast is looking good with only a few weeks left of school and soon, the never-ending assignments will be gone.

Instead, your hardest decision will be to decide which pair of shorts you should wear for the beach or the mountains.

Get ready to pull your sunroof up, roll down the windows, put on your favorite pair of shades, and pack some protein bars, we’re taking a trip. Nothing too far, but a few hours away.

That’s right, we are going to the beautiful state of New Hampshire, to the quaint little town of North Conway.

If you have never been, this is a must take trip, and I cannot tell you how much of a gem this area is.

It has something for everyone!

If you are in the mood to go exploring, there are many parks, trails and mountains to go sightseeing or take a hike.

You can also lie out on the river, or take the streets for some shopping in the heart of the town.

Settlers Green Outlet Village has all of the best outlet stores and plus, it’s tax free!

Aside from it being tax free, the deals you find up there are like no other.

There’s even 60 percent off sales for Banana Republic. It’s like winning the lottery!

They have a wide variety of stores including: American Eagle, Banana Republic, Under Armor, Stonewall Kitchen, Old Navy, Talbots, Nike, OshKosh, and more.

Looking for some places to dine? My all-time favorite place for a good lobster roll is tucked away in a little nook. Lobster Trap has the best seafood in the mountains and although it may be small, it still dishes out some big flavor. A girl loves her lobster!

By mid-day you may be looking for a good java jolt and pastry.

The Met in the center of town has freshly brewed espresso and cake slices, cupcakes, and more to satisfy any sweet tooth, which can be a great afternoon snack.

The view while sipping your espresso is something you sure do not want to miss.

They offer both inside and outside dining where you can see all the people out and about on the strip.

There is also a nice railroad  track near the mountains and hills which lies next to the warm summer sun that glows in the horizon.

This is the best place to take out your camera and take some snapshots.

Whether you are planning a photoshoot or just want to capture the moment of the sun just peaking over the mountain, this is the place for you.

North Conway has all your old childhood favorites. When meandering down to the center village, you must follow the road that leads  into Zeb’s.

Zeb’s has been an all-time legendary favorite of mine since I was little.

The second you walk in, you are automatically lifted into a world where candy, maple syrup, specialty foods, souvenirs and more come together to create the ultimate one stop shop.
This is better than Willy Wonka’s candy shop.
Zeb’s features a wide variety of old fashioned favorites from licorice, to mint julep, gummies, fruit wedges, mints, snow caps, lollipops, and more.

The list could go on and on. When visiting here, you literally will be the child in the candy shop.

It even reminded my mom of when I was five.

Also, if you are traveling with children or want to relive your childhood years, Story Land, Santa’s Village , and Clark’s Bare Post are also just minutes away.

I remember my trips to Story Land and riding on the swan boats and going down the bamboo shoots, and boy did they make a splash.

North Conway, N.H. is a perfect vacation for you and your family, your friends,  or even for a girl’s getaway.

One trip will make you want to come year after year.

Now what are you waiting for? Get your brochures and hit the road, New Hampshire is calling.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out! You never know when you might see a moose walking down the road.


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