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Graphic Design

By Jonathan Perreira, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why The Torch looks so good? The reason for our perfectly-crafted aesthetic is our team of graphic designers who work long and hard to make it easy on your eyes. One of these team members is an essential part of a UMASS Dartmouth organization: The Graphic Design Club. If you’ve ever been interested in our design or graphic design in general, you’ll be surprised with who attends and what happens in GD Club.

I had the unique opportunity to sit with three of the e-board members: Teresa Huynh, Kassandra Santilli, and President Chloe Bartlett. In our meeting, they gave me the low-down on what the Graphic Design Club offers students.

They first told me about themselves, and to no one’s surprise they were all Graphic Design majors. So I asked who can go to their club, and their answer was, “Anyone.” Bartlett informed me that the most common question they receive in-person, over email, or over faceboowk is students asking if they have to be Graphic Design majors to attend the club.

The answer to that question is a resounding no. Their attendance is diverse and amazing, students from different colleges and majors such as Illustration, Engineering, and even Physics.

The next question I had was an obvious one: what does the club offer such a diverse group of students of varying skills? And how could this club benefit Graphic Design majors?

The entire e-board explained how they engage in many different artistic activities that were mostly separated from the computer, all fun and informative of basic design principles. One of their upcoming events is a screen printing workshop to put designs on articles of clothing. A workshop like this allows novices to learn something new, and graphic designers to practice something physical and fun.

The e-board’s answers were quick but thorough; symbols of their passion for the club. As they explained all the events the club hosts, it was clear that their philosophy was one of low commitment and fun.

They didn’t want to bring the commitment of another class outside of class time. The club is another way for students to have fun and do the art that they want to.

One of the notable benefits of attending that Teresa and Kassandra made clear to me was the networking and advice the club offers.

Seniors and Alumni often come and represent the club, and it is a wonderful opportunity for a student of any major to meet and connect with these people!

No matter your major or year, these experienced Designers can offer insight into the many different careers their pursuing. As a Design Major myself, I can support their claim that the principles learned certainly extrapolate into many other fields.

On October 4th, the Graphic Design Club will be holding a Tie Dye Night and a Pumpkin Carving Party the meeting after that. The club meets every other Wednesday at 6PM in CVPA 351.

They put up really interesting and inventive posters around CVPA involving and advertising their upcoming events, so keep an eye out for them! Also, follow their Instagram and Facebook @GDClubCVPA, or sign up for their mailing list at one of the meetings to stay updated.

Photo Courtesy: Graphic Design Club


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