Bar-food is the best food

By Dylan Botelho, Staff Writer

We all need some good old comfort food in our lives. No going out to fancy restaurants to spend hundreds of dollars on small entrees.

That’s why bar-food is the best food.

I can’t speak for the rest of you but I’ll take a pizza, burger, or buffalo chicken with fries over some super dressed up meal every single time.

That’s why my go to spot for the last few years has been over at Busters Sports Bar and Grill.

Located conveniently on Route 6, just a few minutes away off the UMass Dartmouth campus, traffic permit- -ting. You can get all your favorite bar foods at top-quality.

Sit down with your friends and have a seat during game days where the restaurant is usually packed to the brim with Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins supporters.

The restaurant is a lively scene whenever you go in and its wait staff is super friendly.

If you end up going there as often as I do, you’ll end up being really friendly with your servers.

Bacon lovers rejoice! The restaurant’s specialty orders put the icing on the cake for Busters. Its most popular unique appetizer is the Buster fries, an insanely large plate of French fries topped with melted cheese, bacon, and the restaurant’s own curated boom-boom sauce.

Ah, boom-boom sauce. I could write a whole 1,000 words on boom-boom sauce. It’s something unlike any other sauce before it.

A sweet, yet spicy and tangy orange sauce with small spices inside make it a phenomenal dipping sauce or even a topper.

It is just meant to be with any dish. It’s like how people say cream cheese, peanut butter, or bacon make everything better.

Boom-boom sauce just makes everything better. I’m serious.

When you go, because you have to now, order boom-boom sauce with your meal, I don’t care what you get.

Then take your boom-boom sauce and dip it in anything and everything that’s on your plate, you will not be disappointed. My personal favorite is the buffalo chicken pizza. I almost can’t have it without boom-boom sauce at this point. It’s a whole different pizza when you give it that dip.

Speaking of pizza… I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about one special day at Busters, Tuesdays.

On Tuesdays, Busters gives out the deal of the century, a full size bar pizza for only $4.99. There really isn’t anything close.

That’s why Busters needs to be the go-to spot for college students.

I’ve been going there since high school and every Tuesday I see the same people back for pizza (yes, I go every Tuesday).

Once you go once, you’ll be hooked.

I took my friend for the first time two weeks ago to try out their buffalo chicken pizza with, of course, boom-boom sauce on the side, and he has been hooked.

He even told me that he was day-dreaming during class about the buffalo chicken pizza the next Tuesday, dying to go back.

To get the deal you’ll have to purchase a soda. If you’re like me and you don’t drink soda, a bottled water will suffice and you’ll even save around 30 cents.

This is going to sound really, really sad but I can tell you the exact numbers you’ll pay.

With a soda, the whole meal will cost you $7.79 and with a bottled water it’ll cost you $7.49, before tip of course.

If you don’t like buffalo chicken then you can choose from a whole load of different pizzas like classic cheese, pepperoni, bbq chicken, and even a secret pizza that I’ll tell you about.

Unbeknowst to me for the past year, Busters has an apparent secret menu.

It might be only one item but it is secret nonetheless.

So if you want chicken on your pizza but buffalo or bbq doesn’t tickle your fancy, ask for a teriyaki chicken pizza.

Yes, chicken and teriyaki sauce on your pizza, what’s not to like about that?

Want to make it a little tangier too? You know what to do… boom-boom sauce.

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