The new pig on the block

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

How does crispy french fries loaded with a heaping amount of mozzarella cheese curds, crumbled linguica, drizzled with steak sauce and if that’s not enough, how about a sunny side-up egg sound?

A Portuguese food lover’s delight known as Loaded Poutine, which is just one of their starter side dishes at this new alehouse, which opened April 10, 2017.

Come try it for yourself! Along with one of the many sweet and savory dishes at The Cask & Pig Kitchen and Alehouse,  located at 780 State Rd., North Dartmouth, a quick drive from campus.

The restaurant is available for both dine-in and takeout. They have a series of comfy booths, tables and a fully equipped bar area for those 21+.

They are the sister restaurant to The Pasta House, located in Fairhaven, which serves Italian cuisine.

From the minute you walk in you can already smell the aromas of a true alehouse and you will feel like family by the time you leave.

Despite their deceptive name, the menu will feature something for every palate.

The Torch met with front of the house manager, Joshua Fortin, who has been in the management field for 8 years.

Along with long time business partner Mario Ribeiro, Fortin opened the Cask & Pig last spring.

“This was a dream for the owner Mario, to open a local bar and grille, as a comfy place for people to come and socialize and watch some football,” Fortin remarked, “It was a long time in the works.”

Cask & Pig Alehouse offers guests an experience that they can’t get anywhere.

“We have a unique style of food that is not offered anywhere else around here,” said Fortin.

They serve  homemade, hot out of the oven, thick cut, and moist cornbread.

You can enjoy this cornbread with a slab of maple butter to top it all off. It is the perfect start to any one of their dishes.

“Our number one sellers include our baby back ribs, which is seasoned, smoked for seven to eight hours and cut, our pork shank which falls off the bone the minute you place your fork into it and our 14-hour slow cooked roasted beef brisket,” said Fortin.

“As for our draft beer list, it features a wider variety of brews that other places don’t come close to.”

They offer a large selection of sides, which can turn into a meal when ordering a few to share amongst your table.

The Clam and Chourico Clam Cakes are served with a red pepper aioli (perfect for dipping) and the Fried Calamari is by far the best I have ever tasted, coated in toasted sesame seeds and lightly fried, a small bite packed with massive flavors from the sweet chili and wasabi aioli set it apart from the pack.

Vegetarians can enjoy  multiple plates that will hit the spot. This includes a veggie patty which can be substituted in any of their burgers.

The Cask and Pig also doesn’t skimp when it comes to dessert: Malasada Bread Pudding, the Cookie Sundae, Fried Ice Cream and Apple Jack Pie are a pure indulgence.

You will always leave with a smile and an experience like no other. The alehouse even has themed nights.

“We have ½ price wings on Monday, Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, ‘Appy Hours,” which is discount appetizers, Wednesday is burger and beer night for $10 and on Sunday we have 16 oz. prime rib for $15,” said Fortin.

If you live on campus and want a classy meal, the alehouse is a great way to fix your craving.

They are also showing their Corsair pride and we challenge you to put your eyes to the test.

Look for the painted Arnie logo featured on the wall at the restaurant (look near to the kitchen area).

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